Will I be Paid for Physical Therapy Under Workers' Compensation?

Facing injuries at the workplace can cause severe complications. The injuries can either be minor (with no medical treatment) or severe, where the workers may need surgery and take weeks or months to recover. If you are severely injured, the doctor may suggest physical therapy to recover completely. However, physical therapy can be expensive and leave you wondering, will you be compensated for physical therapy after your injury?

According to Virginia’s law, the workers are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits for all the necessary treatment. For instance, if the doctor recommends the injured workers for special medical treatment, medical devices for surgery, special care, or physical therapy, you are eligible for Virginia workers compensation benefits and compensation for the needed treatment.

Does the employer pay for the entire physical therapy session?

Often physical therapy after surgeries is covered by workers’ compensation. In order to get compensation for physical therapy, you must be advised by a professional for physical therapy. The doctor recommends physical therapy for quick recovery and movement to get back to work. The therapy will not be compensated if the doctor does not advise you and believes that you need physical therapy to recover. If the doctor feels that physical therapy will not benefit you or boost your recovery and you go for physical therapy anyway, you will not be eligible for compensation.

Similarly, once you reach MMI (maximum medical improvement), you will no longer receive physical therapy compensation. In a situation where your injury causes you short-term disability, your doctor will advise you on rehabilitation care. However, each injury case is different from the other, and what is entitled to one workers’ claim may not be accurate for yours. Therefore, it is advisable to follow your doctor’s advice.

Talk to a lawyer

It would be best if you talked to a workers’ compensation lawyer immediately after sustaining a workplace injury. The lawyer will work side by side with your doctor and ensure that you get appropriate treatment and the treatment is documented. As per the doctor’s advice, the lawyer will take proper steps to ensure that your compensation covers the cost of physical therapy and other special care needed to recover from your work-related injury. Moreover, in cases of employers disputing your case, your lawyer will fight for your rights and get maximum compensation considering all the damages and the cost you incurred for treating your injuries (including special care, medications, treatment, appointments, and more).

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