3 Signs Of A Heart Attack And What To Look Out For?

The term heart attack is used quite commonly as far as heart health and the diseases related to it are concerned. It is a commonly experienced heart issue in a number of people across the globe. In some cases, the heart attack may also prove to be quite hazardous and even life-threatening. That is why it is very important to be attentive to this heart condition. Primarily, a heart attack may be described as a condition wherein normal functions of the heart are affected as a result of obstructions in the way of the flow of blood to the heart. Generally, fat deposition and high cholesterol content in the arteries of the heart leads to the problem of a heart attack. It may even prove to be fatal for the concerned persons if not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner.

It is best possible by being alert about some of the major signs of a heart attack. Let us discuss the same:-

Continuous Pain And Pressure On The Chest

Like numbers of heart issues such as mitral stenosis, the problem of heart attack is also accompanied by some signs such as continuous pain as well as pressure on the chest region. The patients may experience mild to severe pain and pressure in their chest region before a heart attack actually occurs. Such symptoms may appear and disappear quite frequently and may become quite serious in some cases. Thus you must look out for these signs for sure in order to confirm your heart attack.

Problems In Normal Breathing

Due to obstructed flow of blood to the heart and its various parts, the patients start experiencing problems in normal and effortless breathing. When oxygen is blocked from reaching all the parts of the heart properly problems in breathing start appearing in the patients.  Therefore you must check out for any such issues and report to your healthcare expert immediately.

Fatigue And Light-Headedness

The condition of heart attack is also characterised by some symptoms that are found in mitral stenosis or other types of heart diseases. These signs and symptoms may include continuous fatigue and light-headedness. It is due to a lesser supply of oxygen to the heart as well as the entire body as a result of the malfunctioning of this vital body organ. People who complain of continuous fatigue and dizziness must consult with a cardiac specialist without any delay.

These are all some of the major signs of a heart attack that you certainly need to look out for when it comes to diagnosis of this major issue related to the heart. By being alert about various signs and symptoms related to heart attack, timely diagnosis and in turn treatment of the same can be assured. 

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