Top 5 Places to Get a Tattoo in Asia


A tattoo is permanent body art, and you cannot take any risk. You will want to get the best service available in your area or around it. Though tattoo art has reached a different level after the commercialization process, you will find out tattoo shops of different levels as per your requirement.

The quality and standard will differ for sure, and this is why people interested in getting tattoo sometimes goes far away countries to get inked. Though the whole world has come up with different branded tattoo studios, you will find some of the traditional yet latest quality tattoo studios in Asia, who have changed the monopoly of European countries in the art form.

Top 5 places to get your desired tattoo

Among the multiple options available for tattoo enthusiasts within the continent of Asia, here the top 5 places will be discussed along with other details.

Tokyo, Japan

If you have researched the art, you will find Japan's contribution to ancient tattoo arts. They have continued to keep up their style and excellence in the art. You can get a tattoo from different standard studios in Tokyo as most professional tattoo artists have come up with their studios in this city. You can be assured to get all kinds of varieties, from best tattoo Thailand to ancient Japanese styles as per your requirement. You need a prior appointment to visit such studios.

Bali, Indonesia

One of the leading countries and cities to keep tattoos running with tourism is Bali in Indonesia. You can be assured of getting skilled and talented tattoo artists who have experience of more than two decades. As the place is also popular as a tourist spot, the artists have experience handling all kinds of consumers and their requirements.

Sarawak, Malaysia

If you are looking to get something out of the blue moon, Malaysia is waiting for you. The place is popular for hand-tapped tattoos and has gained quite good popularity among enthusiasts. Only blank ink is used for these tattoos, and they get healed sooner than expected. Malaysia is also popular for traditional tattoo styles.

Shanghai, China

You will be amazed to experience the tattoo industry in China. This country is also a hub for the latest styles and fusion among traditional and modern tattoos. You can get a customized tattoo of your choice here.

Pattaya, Thailand

Do you want to know where to get a tattoo in Thailand? You can get tattoos everywhere in this particular location may be. This is a place where food stalls and tattoos shops along the beach are constantly full of different kinds of customers. Even most of the tourists come here to get inked.

You have other options, too, for getting tattooed. But you can get inked from these places if you are looking to get inked from a reputed place for an experience.

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