Is Platinum Jewellery Right for your Wedding?

Platinum is a highly precious metal and rare enough for adorning a woman. When you shop for gorgeous and beautiful jewellery, you can pick between the famous gold, affordable sterling silver and rare platinum. Considering the metal is a vital part when it comes to the process of decision making when looking for design and creating jewellery particularly with regards to engagement and engagement jewellery.


Facts About Platinum


The below mentioned facts concerning platinum will work wonders in helping you in deciding whether platinum is ideal for you or not,

ï Rare Treasure- Amid other metals it is platinum that is the rarest making it 40 times rare compared to gold. Having just a small platinum ring will act as an extraordinary and rare treasure.


  1. Hypoallergic- It is a pure metal, so it is hypoallergic in nature which means all can wear it and take pride of owing one. Most women suffer from allergies resulting from metals and can face skin rashes from nickel, silver or gold. But be it rings, earrings or pendants made of platinum and studded with gem stones or diamonds it will be an ideal choice if you have a sensitive skin.
  2. Dense and Unique- If you compare platinum, sterling silver and white gold you can tell the difference easily. Although all may have similar dimensions, platinum will be the heaviest and silver the lightest. Platinum is a metal that is dense in comparison to white gold and silver no wonder it will last the longest and is also unique.
  3. Lifetime of Beauty and a Fantastic Investment- Platinum will not lose colour as other white metals thereby making it an excellent investment. Its longevity and durability along with allowing you to enjoy for a lifetime is also something wonderful and unique that you can pass from one generation to another.
  4.  Minimal Maintenance- Jewellery created from platinum needs minimal maintenance. It will remain new for decades as opposed to sterling silver that can tarnish easily and need regular cleaning. Platinum’s rare composition and incredible strength allows it in standing the test of time. Cleaning it through a professional jeweller occasionally will get any jewellery made of platinum looking just as it was brought brand new.

So, next time if you plan to buy some exquisite jewellery piece for yourself or gift it to a loved one, remember in taking into consideration every choice available like wood rings and determine as to whether platinum is your type of metal or not for your perfect engagement ring .


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