Cosmetic Treatment Consultation: Top Five Questions You Must Ask


You can expect the best possible outcome from a cosmetic treatment if you make sure to indulge in an effective consultation with the surgeon you appointed. When interacting, you must put forward all the queries you have so you do not regret your decision down the road. Well, the following write-up specifies some of the most frequently asked ones. They pave the way for a hassle-free decision. Please check them out right now.

1.      Are You Accredited by the Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery?

The Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was founded in the year 1986 to enhance the quality of treatment available to the common mass by reviewing for professional competence.

The experts offering the best cosmetic surgery Fairfax said a board-certified surgeon is assumed to be proficient, experienced, and trustworthy. He/she has substantial training and the license to carry all kind of procedures.

2.      Who Will Assist You During the Procedure?

It is necessary to know what sort of people is a part of the surgeon’s support team and whether they are all qualified or so. Remember, having medical residents or medical students around does not mean you will be receiving second-rate care. Instead, as it is much more challenging to teach something than perform, you will be having a better time.

3.      How Many Times Did You Do the Procedure?

You would not want to go to a surgeon who claims you are his/her first patient. You would not even want to be among his/her fifty patients. Practice makes a man perfect, right? So, if someone did rhinoplasty Chevy Chase MD, they are probably much more precise. This question seems a tad rude. But better be rude, uncomfortable, and embarrassed than disfigured.

4.      What Kind of Anesthesia Will You Administer?

Discussing the anesthesia options is highly essential because it helps you prepare for a procedure, both mentally and physically. The type of anesthesia usually relies on the nature of the treatment and on a patient’s requirements. Local anesthesia works better for the minimally or non-invasive procedures such as Botox, facial fillers, laser resurfacing, etc. General anesthesia is perfect when the surgery is much more serious like abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, etc.

5.      How the Recovery Looks Like?

Whether you are getting a blepharoplasty Fairfax VA or a tummy tuck in some other location, be thoroughly acquainted with the recovery period. This lets you decide if you even want a cosmetic treatment. You must ask the surgeon how long you must wait before resuming the day-to-day activities, which include childcare, work, exercise, etc. Implement the aftercare tips stated by the surgeon with diligence too.

Asking the questions stated above during the initial consultation allow you to have an agreeable cosmetic treatment. Now some individuals may feel reluctant to speak their mind, fearing they will offend or aggravate the surgeon they have booked. But doing so is necessary as you are your own advocate when it comes to healthcare. Online reviews can be a reliable source too.

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