How to Wear Long Necklaces With Almost Any Outfit: 5 Styling Tips

Long necklaces can make a style statement whether they are flashy and bold or simple and understated. They'll elevate your outfit and make you look more pulled together, so you've got nothing to lose.

Let's break down how to wear long necklaces so you can go out in confidence and style.

How to Wear Long Necklaces With Any Outfit

Follow these five tips the next time you want to pair a long necklace with your outfit. The great thing about long necklaces is that they work with any look, from upscale chic to boho.

1. How to Wear a Long Beaded Necklace

A long beaded necklace can take a casual look like a plain white tee and boyfriend jeans and make it more sophisticated while still giving off an easy-going vibe. This look is perfect for weekend shopping, brunch, and casual parties. To add more flair, try french tucking your tee into your jeans, and throw on a pair of booties to complete the look.

2. How to Wear Long Chain Necklaces

Pairing long chain necklaces with shorter chain necklaces is a hot trend that isn't going away any time soon. To make the perfect pairing, choose a delicate and simple choker necklace and a medium length longer necklace.

Stick with the same chain color to make the look cohesive. This styling trick works with any outfit, but it especially pops with a v-neck blouse or dress.

3. How to Wear Long Pendant Necklaces

Elevate your work outfit by throwing on a long chunky pendant necklace with your blazer. If your work clothes feel a little drab, adding a colorful statement necklace can make all the difference with very little effort. You'll maintain professionalism while standing out for your bold fashion choices at the office.

4. How to Wear Long Pearl Necklaces

Pearls always add class and sophistication to any outfit, and you can take it up a notch with long layers of pearl necklaces. You can use them to dress up a casual outfit or pair several long strings of pearls with a classic little black dress to fancy up a night on the town.

5. How to Wear Long Choker Necklaces

Make your own long necklace with a wrap-around choker. Simply leave the loose ends long in the front to achieve this look. This trick is perfect for boho-inspired looks, but it also works with sexier outfits that need a little more edge. For extra detail, use a wrap-around choker with fun pendants on the end.

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More Fashion and Beauty Tips

The new year is just around the corner, so it's the perfect time to try new styling tips and tricks like how to wear long necklaces to level up your fashion game. For more ideas and resources, check out the rest of the blog.

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