ASPAM IIS: Choose Sports over Smartphone

Technology and the internet are omnipresent; despite having endless benefits that technology has blessed us with, many dark ends come when our child gets addicted to this virtual reality limited to only smartphone screens. 

Technologies and the internet were invented to simplify our lives, but it has wind ship a potential risk of harming your child's physical and mental health. Being a part of ASPAM IIS, which is counted as one of the best schools in Sharjah, We feel that outdoor sports such as basketball, football, cricket, etc. have been compromised and turned into online gaming. 

This is our call of duty to tell the importance of physical activities imperative for your child's physical and mental growth. Here we've compiled a list of some reasons to introduce you about the positive impact of sports on your child's mind. 

        Friendship and companionship

Sports is all about coming out of your comfort zone to achieve score points; that's what life is all about! It lets your child make a new social circle, an opportunity to make some bonds that may last forever. Also, communication gets more dense and healthy, which has no match with any social media platform. Being a sports person, you can learn and experience various aspects of life and some value-added lessons that will help you later. Your child will learn how sometimes keeping yourself in a second-place comes with a reward for the whole team with sports.


        Failure is a success in progress

"Life is a game," you might hear that quote as a dialogue in reel life. Well, yes, the nature of the sport is similar to the law of life. Sports help us handle defeats, which is essential to learn to make your comeback from the phase of adversity. Here's the grime reality, life won't always be unicorns and rainbows for your child; there will be multiple occasions when your child sips failure. The crux of the matter is you have to swallow the bitterness of defeat if you want to enjoy the juiciness of success. 


        Helps in building resilience and dedication 

Competition motivates your child to improve and avoid defeat. Staying focused during the training helps them learn how they can win the game with patience, hard work, and dedication. Subconsciously, your child will translate this rule in everyday situations. Study shows that on-field behaviors help the child to excel in studies. 


        Sports are a great mood-enhancer 

Study shows that doing physical activities helps the brain release serotonin hormones responsible for mental peace and wellness. Doing something you love at any age allows you to bring more focus on studies and other daily activities. There's research that affirms that people who love beds and sleep are more depressed than those who work out regularly. 

I hope you might found this article helpful. Good schools and parents are the two major wheels that help in the nourishment of children inside-out. ASPAM IIS is one of the best schools in Sharjah that is famed for its highly-skilled facilities and friendly schooling environment that helps the student to excel in studies. 

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