Wedding jewellery for men: Keep the Head High

When it comes to weddings, the groom should look the best as this is a lifetime event and there is no space for any loose ends. Pagri or Safa are turban designed with various designs and are getting newer designs as the demands for unique and best-looking products are increasing. They are often matched to the bride's attire and need perfect matching with the overall theme.
Kalangi and Safa
The pagri is embedded with a stone-studded kalangi to make it more attractive. A necklace like a bead chain starting from the end of kalangi follows the pagri's outline and make the groom look like a king. Kalangi is a feather-like item located in the front of the turban, giving it a more royal and attractive look.
This is the most common northern part of India and is used in the maximum number of weddings as the spending capacities and options available are increasing side by side. They are available in various cloth types, colours, and patterns, making this a vast field in terms of choice and choosing capacities. Pagri and safa may look similar, but they differ in size. Safa is about 30 feet long and 4 inches wide, whereas pagri is about 52 feet long and 9 inches wide.
While choosing a pagri (turban), the groom turban is cheap, mostly used, and asked for. They are specially designed for wedding ceremonies and are available in flashy colours, making the groom's look outstanding and often combined with a beaded chain. As a wedding is a one-time event, hence the people prefer to use simple groom turban. While being a cheap alternative, it is also easy to maintain and has a fine finish. To make it even more appealing, the turban is often combined with matching stone studded kalangi, making it more attractive and appealing.
Beaded Turban
Moving forward on this track next comes beaded turban. Compared to a simple groom turban, this turban has a bead studded outlined cloth that naturally gains shape as the cloth is wrapped around and may or may not need kalangi as an extra accessory. This is a bit pricier as it has more details and has wider options. It has eye-catching looks and ensures the groom's perfect look, which will stay in people's minds for a longer period.
Other options
When it comes to topical themes, numerous options are available based on the regional attires and demands. However, these turbans are costlier when compared to other turbans. The reason for high demands is they are mostly handcrafted and are not manufactured in industries as they are confined to limited areas.
A person can choose a ring according to the choice and budget, like titanium or tungsten carbide rings for men  and making the wedding a remarkable event to be remembered for a lifetime.

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