Size Recommendations When Choosing Children’s Jewellery

When dealing with jewellery as a gift, do not forget that proper sizing matters, especially for the rings. Some of the best-selling items tend to be customizable for us and thus, making it a lot easier to adjust the sizes should the need arise. Moreover, you should still familiarize yourself with the different rules in determining the jewellery size of a child.

Tips for buying Kids Jewellery with the Right Size

       Ring Sizes

Let us begin with the ring sizes; the most popular ring sizes for children are from EU ring size of 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, and 53. The smallest and the daintiest ring size is EU 44. Keep note that this is very tiny, which makes it suitable for children with small frames.

Do note that most people would prefer to buy earrings  for children above the age of three. Most of the time, these sizes are for the middle finger of the wearer. If you are unsure of the size, always pick something you think is much bigger so as to leave room for when they grow.

Another tip is to consider the seller. Similar to buying other measurable products like shoes and clothes, ring sizes vary from supplier to supplier. Many suppliers may have a different set of sizes than that of a supplier based in any other country.

In addition, ring sizes also include the diameter of the said ring. There are a number of guides online pertaining to how one can choose an appropriate ring size for themselves or for a gift recipient. You can always use a ruler to measure the internal dimensions of a ring. You should always remember that you should always go one size up to leave room for growth.

       Locket Sizes

Silver lockets for children are a great gift idea for when you are celebrating an occasion that will mark the start of something new in their lives. Most of the time, lockets with chains have a measurement of 14 up to 16 inches. Then again, it is important to always check the product description should there be any changes as the size of a locket can also depend on the design of the product.

       Bracelet Sizes

While a children’s bracelet is also heavily dependent on the size like rings, it is typically easier to measure as you only need to get the size of the wrist. Furthermore, always allow a few centimetres just to be sure that it will definitely fit.

Sizes of a girl’s bracelet typically range from 5.5 inches to 6 inches. For boys, you may want to add a few more inches just to be sure. The perfect sizing for a bracelet is something that allows the product to move freely; yet, something that will ensure that it will not fall off.

If you can find a bracelet that allows you to adjust the strap all better. These bangles or bracelets that are adjustable in size are one of the best-selling products under children’s jewellery.

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