Here’re 6 sure ways to keep your child safe this lockdown

As the number of fatalities has numbered abruptly in India. People are adjusting themselves with the sharp smell of sanitizers and face masks during this scorching heat to steer clear of their way from this deadly virus. However, it’s crucial to understand even self-isolation and staying confined within our homes is extremely distressing and can lacerate our peace of mind with negativity and anxiousness. 

Being a part of Sharjah international school, I feel this as a duty to share my knowledge that can save many lives and let people be aware of the seriousness of the issue. 

Here’re 6 sure ways with which you can take care of your child during this phase of adversity. 

Don’t let this pandemic fade out your child’s childhood 

The coronavirus is playing havoc with our daily routines, don’t let this steal your kid's childhood. It’s impossible to keep kids at home but security is undeniable. Train your child with some good hygiene techniques such as make sure they wash their hands thoroughly, Always Ensure you're using 70 percent alcohol-based sanitizers all the time. 

Avoid social gathering 

In case they’re playing outdoors, make sure they wear masks all the time and maintain social distancing. There is a myriad of indoor games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Table Tennis, Carrom board, etc that you can enjoy with your kids, these games concrete family bonding and brings them closure. 

Exercise with your kids at home 

Curating a healthy exercising routine with your kids will make your child less restless, and will also detoxify your body and mind. Establishing such routines will have a positive impact on your child. How to get started? Start from scratch, looking for beginners online workout tutorials such as Zumba, cross- running, Tabata, etc. 

Sanitize your surroundings 

Disinfect your surroundings such as bathrooms, door handles, living rooms, and bed if in any case anyone from outside comes to your home. Always make sure that you washed those clothes that you wore while stepping out of your home. Keep separate baskets to keep dirty clothes for laundry, they’re the major source of infections. 

Let them find their space of interest

This is the best time to introduce your child with some new hobbies and their space of interest such as reading books, painting, drawing, playing any musical instruments. This will make them less distressed and keep them engaged in learning new things. 

Reduce screen time 

Lockdown has swiftly increased the screen time, people spend most of their hours either while working at the screen or just scrolling over Facebook to find their source of entertainment to curb out boredom during this time. The effect is 4 times higher on children that are prone to be at point-blank range of getting mentally distressed and restless. It’s vital to reduce screen time, as a substitute you can read out stories for them, encourage them to learn life skills activities such as cooking, gardening, and dusting. 

From the heart of Sharjah private schoolI wish all my readers good health and pray to keep them safe during this challenging time. Believe me, this time shall pass. 

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