3 Types of Basic Jewellery For The Partygoer

If you are a party loving person we are pretty sure that you use party jewellery to make a style statement. With online shopping opening their doors for the whole wide world, there are a variety of bracelets, neckpieces, nose rings, bracelets and earrings to choose from.
Whether you are a partygoer or an elite socialite, the pieces that you choose to wear need to blend with the theme and occasion. No matter what is the occasion, these pieces of jewellery mentioned below will never let you down.
1. Jhumkas – The tradional jhumka seem to be an odd one in the list of jewellery meant for the partygoer. If you love the charm as well as the innocence of pearls, you can forget the contemporary motifs that come along with it and also the large domes in earring. You will find several of the jhumkas that come with a combination of pearl or a single gemstone. You are in for a heavenly combination, if you match them with your cream or peach gown.
2.  Hoop earrings – A diamond hoop earring passes through your ear lobes and usually ends in a circular shape. If you are someone who is not in favor of this particular design in jewellery then there are other fascinating designs, patterns and shades a your preferred vendor or jeweller for the partygoer.
Gold with a pinkish hue adds femininity as well as a raw appeal to the wearer. You can experiment with colors and buy hoops with a black spinel. They tend to have a dramatic effect and the black and white shades will set you in the spotlight.

3.  Kadas or bracelets – These items look fabulous if worn with an embellished ghargra or a gown. Women can choose from diamond and pearl bracelets jewellery  that will give an aura of innocence to them. Some are not in favor of yellow gold jewellery so the need to try pink gold bracelet that has floral pattern at the top. White gold in bracelets looks very regal especially when encrusted with diamonds and topaz stone. You need to look nowhere else if you want to be the next fashion princess.
Rigs, stud earrings, cocktail rings and even heart shaped earrings are also favored majorly by party goers as their choice of jeweled items. When you go out to buy any form of jewellery items, try to match them with the occasion as well as the attire you will be wearing. Use your own judgment and choice when you decide to buy party jewellery.

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