The Graduate Management Admission test or commonly known as the GMAT, is the admission test for the students’ in several management schools. Thus the competition to crack this test is a bit higher and requires a great GMAT Preparationand up to date knowledge of every desired subject to successfully complete the exam. Timing is also a huge factor for the test takers. More than 100 countries across the globe are eligible for taking the test up to five times in a year.


GMAC or the Graduate Management admission council, through GMAT preparation, assess the candidates’ reasoning, analytical and quantitative skills in a standardized format to check if the candidate is ready for the higher challenges in future or not. It is mainly a computer adaptive test with a total of 80 questions that must be completed within a given frame of time. The four sections that are comprised of analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal sections have an average scoring mark to get passed. Online, phone and postal mails are the options to get registered or scheduling or cancelling any chosen exam date. The facility of scholarship is provided in the GMAT but depends upon some criteria that student need to fulfil in every aspect. The candidates should possess a graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university to appear in the test.


The GMAT fees for application in 2019 are 250 dollars which would roughly translate to Rs. 15000 to Rs. 16000 in Indian currency. Also if the applicant wants to change the centre, an additional cost of nearly 50 dollars or nearly three to four thousand in Indian currency would be charged. If anyone cancels the exam more than 7 days before the test date an amount of nearly eighty dollars or near about 5000 rupees will be refunded but if the cancellation done within the seven days of the test no fee would be refunded. Likewise, rescheduling the exam before seven days of the test date can cost the student of about 4000 rupees while rescheduling within the seven days of the test date will cost him the full amount of the test to do so.


As the test is the main gateway for the students to admit in their dream colleges to achieve the dreams in future, this test should be taken seriously and requires a lot of hard work and patience to get succeeded. Many institutes have come forward with different methodologies to provide content wise appropriate lesson with highly qualified teachers for better understanding of the paper with proper guidance to get over the obstacles at once. Thus surveying about the institute before investing money is highly recommended as the monetary transactions will still continue after selection of the student in any college.


Thus, it is obvious for the student to keep three things in their mind: 1) GMAT fees, 2) hard work and 3) patience are very important to become successful in their dream career.

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