Mazda CX-9-Is it the most underrated SUV_

Mazda is known for producing value for money automobile. Since the time of its inception, Mazda has invested a lot of time and money in giving new and developed versions of the cars every year. These cars have made themselves popular with extraordinary performance and an ideal price in the market. Mazda has its cars running in all the segments namely sedan, hatchbacks and SUVs. In 2019, Mazda is planning to launch a midsized SUV under the market name of Mazda CX-9. Mazda has already launched the predecessors under the name of Mazda CX-3 and CX-6. We will learn more about it in this 2019Mazda CX-9 review.

Mazda has put a step in the sports cars market also. Since it has been in that market, all of its cars have an influence on sports cars. Similarly, Mazda CX-9 also has a sporty look. It has one of the most athletic looks in the class of midsized SUVs. Moreover, the price range of the car is moderate. This means it is affordable to the middle-class segment of the people too. Mazda CX-9 is also known for the nicest interiors. At this price, it is being sold at, getting these interiors is a rare sight. Mazda could have made to the top of the list of the best-midsized SUVs but there are a few drawbacks that pull it in the middle of the list. A weaker predicted reliability rating is one of the causes as to why people have second thoughts about it.

What do we like about the car?

Mazda CX-9 uses petrol or diesel as a fuel. The powertrain is designed in such a way that it offers good fuel efficiency along with a lively and a polished acceleration even at high speeds. Moreover, the car also offers agile and nimble handling. The driver can experience the most composed driving while on the wheel. The interiors of the cabin are also one of the nicest in class. The first-class cabin offers comfort and luxury with styling and high-quality materials. The number of active safety features is also something that should be taken note of.

What do we not like about the car?

All cars have their positives and shortcomings. Similarly, Mazda CX-9 has a couple of shortcomings that should be taken care of before buying the car. One of the major drawbacks is that, when it is compared to the rivals, the rear cargo space is not really large. The competitors such as Lexus and Ford offer a heftier cargo space at almost the same price. In addition to that, the tow rating of the car is below the mark. A poor tow rating makes it an inefficient car in terms of power rating. The predicted reliability rating is also quite below par.

What is new for 2019?

The infotainment system of the car is upgraded. The multimedia in the cabin now supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Moreover, the car also offers a good quality of suspension and better ride quality than the previous versions. The cabin has also been made sound proof for additional comfort and luxury during the ride.

Features and Specifications

It is a midsized SUV but has 3 rows. It can accommodate 7 passengers in the cabin along with the driver. The amount of headroom and legroom is enough for all the passengers in all the rows. The car has good fuel efficiency too. It offers an average of 20 to 22 mpg on the city roads and 26 to 28 on the highways. There are two options in the drivetrains available. You can select from a front-wheel-drive and an all-wheel-drive variant. The engine is rated at 227 horsepower.

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