Coping up with issues relating to shortness of breath during pregnancy?

Reaching on the crisp of the third trimester of pregnancy is itself a milestone. The body is hardly working overtime in order to adjust for anticipated changes. Unwanted symptoms in the form of respiratory disorders in pregnancy could emerge. You can term them as normal occurrence for a host of reasons, thought it might seem that breathing poses to be a lot harder. Respiratory disorders during pregnancy need to be addressed pretty sooner than later otherwise it could pose to be something big in the coming days.

What are the main reasons why during pregnancy shortness of breath occurs?

The moment you are pregnant intake of oxygen increases by around 20 %. This means that there is sufficient supply of oxygen that has to be transferred to uterus, growing baby and placenta. To a lady it might seem that they are taking more breaths per minute. Though the degree of inhaled air increases which means you are into deep breaths. The uterus would put a lot of pressure on the diaphragm which takes a toll on your lung capacity. Women generally are of the opinion that breathing improves during the last few weeks of pregnancy as their babies drop down in the anticipation of about to be born.

Ways to address shortness of breath during the phase of pregnancy
Good posture
The shoulders along with back needs to be kept straight which would provide lungs an opportunity to expand as far as possible.
Extra pillows
If shortness of breath is becoming a cause of concern, position yourself with a proper set of pillows
Your arms have to be lifted up
If you lift your arms this would take the pressure of your ribs and would allow you to breath in an easy manner
A healthy diet
If you indulge in an unhealthy diet it will pep up your calorie levels and you are bound to put in weight. For a proper pregnancy weight have a restriction in terms of diet
Breathing exercises in the form of yoga would provide better control over your breaths. A great form of exercise that can make you fit during pregnancy is yoga.

Classification of normal and abnormal symptoms of pregnancy

In phase of pregnancy lower back pain is common. Nearly 70 % of women are victims of back pain when pregnant. Once the uterus begins to grow it is known to stretch and your abdomen muscles become weak. Hormonal changes have a role to play as it puts stress on your back and pelvis region.
Just get in touch with your doctor if the pain appears to be severe or if the pain stretches over to the legs or buttocks. Sometimes back pain could arise due to a kidney infection as it is better to get a check-up done up a doctor.

Swollen feet or hands are another common symptom when pregnant.  Till the calf region any swelling is rated normal but it might worsen in the last trimester of pregnancy.

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