Food Disposal: Four ways

In the modern age, most homes should be aware of the proper ways of food disposal other than throwing it all in a trash bin. There are many means with the help of which you can dispose food but need to find methods that work the best for your home life. Here are four ways to dispose unused food from your household.

1.    Trash bin – A conventional trash bin is the most post popular way of disposing food. Those who are dwelling in the apartment might not have much choice but to put food in the garbage. The bigger problem is however that food waste gets really smelly, very fast and is breeding ground for germs. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after food disposal whether or the garbage that you have put them in waste containers or taking the bag out.
2.    Composting – It is probably the greenest way to dispose of food waste. You can start by picking up a small compost bin to sit in your kitchen to make room for things like coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, potato peels and leftover food on a plate. You can turn the food scraps into your garden every couple of days. This method not only lets you to get rid of food waste but also helps it in recycling by making compost in a larger amount.
3.    Worms – Worms also helps in making compost the same way a compost bin does. The main difference is that worms can eat the food scraps, thus the process turns out to be much quicker. You can start by purchasing both the bin and the worms at any indoor supply store. If you can keep the bin between 55 and 77 degrees, the worms can create compost the best.
4.    Animals – if you are living in an area where you can keep farm animals like pigs and goats, you will have very little food to waste. Of course, the animals can’t be fed everything, but they can be fed many items that usually end up in garbage. Prior to feeding them, do some investigation in terms of what not to feed them and at the same time, follow guidelines for meats and meat by products.
These are effective methods of food disposal, yet the most effective is probably taking the help of a skip bin hiring companies. Call skip bins company  today located near you  and get one installed today but keep in mind that not everything can be dumped in a skip bin.

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