Discover why so many people Move to Vernon

Are you thinking of relocating to Vernon? This is a place that provides an exceptional quality of life mixed with urban amenities, amazing recreation activities situated in a natural setting. Vernon is a great place to live and work. If you are thinking of moving, Vernon will be the best choice for your family. Here is why many people choose to live in Vernon.


When moving to any area, finding a place to live should  be your first step. Vernon has a wide range of options when it comes to housing. They range from apartments, multi-family homes, single family homes  to homes on acreage for ranching activities or recreational activities.

Are you looking for a house that provides the lake view? Or a place close to downtown for easier access to restaurants and the shopping centre. Also, you may want an area which you can easily access hiking trails and recreational parks. It is, therefore, important to visit and explore the area before making your final decision. You can find experienced long-term real estate agents like property management companies and online listings to help you find the house you want. 

You can also rent a house here in Vernon, but many owners like to lease them for a minimum duration of a year. I recommend the Salt Fowler real estate team to help when it comes to finding your new house in Vernon.

Getting Around

Before settling in any area, you need to know how you will move around as you go about your daily activities. It would be so disappointing to settle  in an area where you cannot easily access your place of work or a popular shopping area.

There are various ways you can get around in Vernon, whether you are going to school, work, or shopping. Many people drive to get to their destinations, but also scheduled bus services are available throughout the region.  You can also opt to leave your car at home and use your bike to reach your preferred destination thanks to the safety bike lanes available.

Health Care

You don’t  have to worry about health care if you are thinking of moving to Vernon. Comprehensive health services are provided here as part of Medicare provided by the Federal Government. Vernon Jubilee Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the area that offers all services from emergency care, surgery, psychiatry, maternity to pediatric services. If you are in need of mental health and addiction services you got yourself covered at Interior Health Facilities.


Before relocating to any area, you need to check if there are accessible schools that can accommodate your kids. Whether you have a kindergarten child or a university going children, you should relocate to a area that has a great education system.

The education system in Vernon includes preschool all through to post-secondary. Be it you are a new parent or have older kids; they will get good schools in Vernon.


When moving to any area, you need to know how the weather is. The weather can have an impact on your mood, lifestyle, social plans and also on your utility bills. Vernon has a warm summer that encourages outdoor activities like mountain biking and outdoor ball games. The winter is cold but manageable. It brings plenty of snow that encourages a variety of winter activities.


When moving to a new area it is important that your career moves with you. Job markets and opportunities vary from one city to another. So if you are not already employed, take some time to check out different job hunting websites to understand how the job market is. When moving to a new location, you need to be financially stable to survive.

Vernon is the most economically diverse community in the region. Employment is generated from the tourism industry, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing and retail sectors. Also, you can use numerous job boards to search for your perfect job. With above in mind, it is clear that Vernon is a great place to live and will cater all your needs. 

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