Top tips for extending the battery life of your laptop

Modern laptops are more powerful than ever, and thanks for the development of mobile technology, they are even more efficient, and maximum battery life is provided.

However, they still need to plug the juice in the whole day. While laptop battery life is an important cause of mobile life, good practice and some software opportunities have improved. To help you get a laptop battery life for a long time, here's better to improve 10 better.

1. Demo your screen

The screen is one of the most powerful hungry parts of the laptop. It takes the battery power seriously to clear and display your display. There is a question to change the brightness of saving this power.
The screen brightness button is usually located as another function of one of the F keys, and is represented by a little sun sign with the top and bottom icons. To use it, just hold the right function and then select or down.

2. Change the electrical settings

Windows 10 comes with some powerful features, which helps you to perform the best when you're plugged in, and improve the battery life when moving .

Type 'Options Options' in the 'Startup' box and select 'Power Saver' from the list. There are more ways to save battery life in Windows 10. These include settings to strengthen monitor and speed up the sleep mode.

3. Turn on WiFi

One of the largest battery sizes is wireless networking capabilities built in most of the laptops. When the WiFi battery continuously finds drawings of drawing and battery, the battery detects the battery in the battery.

When you're removing your laptop from the grid, you're off from the wireless network, so you can turn off this device. Many laptops have a function button that enables you to manually close the wireless adapter to save unnecessary waste, but old laptops are often not often.

If this is the case, click on the speech bubble icon on the top right of the taskbar to open the notification center and click 'WiFi' to turn it off.

4. Close the peripherals

Use of USB premises can keep a drain on your system, because your mother's power enters them, so protects everything from being illegally. USB sprinkles, mice and webcams are common criminals, so quickly get all of your information as soon as possible and copy your devices, and keep up with your laptop track pad on your USB mouse.

Many laptops have made buttons to close the built-in webcam, which is given the opportunity to switch the battery. And switch your speaker if you do not need the sound. Every time you get email or shoes windows, windows may be drained.

5. Remove your disk drive

Drive has a big drain on a small spinning resource, and many programs continuously do this. You can easily remove your discs before switching to battery power to get the extra extra minutes from your work day.

Maximum modern laptops are not installed with these disks drives these days, but if you have, it is capable to make sure that when you are moving, it's empty.

6. Invest in some hardware

Good practice can drive some way to increase your battery life, but if you need to use your laptop throughout your day of work, you will need some help
Most laptops come with six six cell batteries, but many manufacturers offer up to eight-or even 12-seals optional upgrades, which can double your power.

Alternative portable laptop battery chargers of expensive laptop batteries, which provide valuable additional hours for all your devices. These are usually compact in battery units that are the most laptops and adapter for mobile phones, enough to keep in a bag and have enough ability to double your charge length.

For our best devices to charge your laptop, check our list of the best portable laptop battery chargers and power banks More TodayKos.

7. Disable features

There are some simple features in Windows 10, but many people call on their system that are unnecessary when working on the move. Take easy measurement of graphical effects when you make your laptop more efficient.

8. Battery maintenance

Lithium ion batteries do not require complete discharge (unlike popular beliefs) but also after charging you should use a battery.

If you have an add-on, use it regularly, instead of your key to adoption. If you have an old non-lithium ion battery, you will need to remove it regularly.

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