Top Ten Healthy Meal Replacements for Weight Loss

Dieting and weight loss are two things that go hand in hand. You need to have a strict diet if you are to achieve your weight loss plans. Meal replacements for some time now have been a great addition to people who practice a particular diet for weight loss. Indeed, meal replacements have helped many people to lose weight. So before choosing the best meal replacement to help you lose weight you need to first understand what ingredients to look for.

What are the important weight loss helpers?

There are several weight loss helpers that you can check for in your meal replacement. These helpers play a role in helping you lose weight. The following are some of them.

1. Sugar content Most protein shakes add sugar to give you taste. Avoid buying meal replacements that contain sugar as they may not help you lose weight. The maximum amount of sugar you can buy should be 3 grams. If you want flavor, go for the healthy meal replacements that contain sweeteners which do not affect your body like those extracted from stevia.

 2. Calories Meal replacements that contain calorie content above the 200mark will do you more harm than good in your efforts to lose weight. However, ensure you do not deprive your body of calories as it may weaken your body muscles.

 3. Nutrients Your body requires nutrients to function well. The best meal replacement should have all the nutrients needed by the body including vitamins and minerals.

 4. Protein Proteins help you gain lean muscles and assists in the burning of fats. It also helps in keeping you feel full to prevent overeating. The protein content of about 20g should be enough.
 5. Fiber The fiber content of between 5 to 10 grams should be enough to help keep hunger in check and help you stay full for longer.

 6. Fats Ensure fats, especially saturated fats are kept at the minimal if you are looking to lose weight faster.

 7. Carbohydrates Carbs provide the energy necessary to keep your body functioning well. Ensure you have enough carbs in your meal replacement

The 10 best meal replacement shakes review

Having understood what ingredients to check for when buying your meal replacement for weight loss, it's time to highlight the best meal replacements. The following are 10 best healthy meal replacement shakes review

1. Idealshake

 This is one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss you can get in the market. Ideal shake is made from pure ingredients. It has all the right ingredients including proteins, fats, and carbs that your body needs to help you lose weight. It is packed with lots of high-quality proteins to stimulate your body to burn as many calories as possible while providing lean muscles. It also has low levels of sugar but is sweetened using non-caloric sucralose. The fiber content is also moderate and has a dominant natural hunger blocker to ensure you stay full for longer.

2. Vega One All-In-One

This is the best meal shake for vegetarians. This plant-based protein shake is made from pure pea and hemp protein. It has a very little number of calories and sugar. This sugar-free protein shake has stevia extract as its sweetener which has no effects on your body making it ideal for weight loss. It is also fortified with vitamins, probiotics, minerals, and antioxidants.

3. Isagenix IsaLean Shake
Isagenix shakes come in a variety of tastes. It is a nutritious meal replacement shake that has been clinically tested and proven to facilitate weight loss healthily. It has good fats and low content of carbs to provide the body with energy.
This shake has the necessary nutrients and high protein content of about 24grams and has low in glycemic content. Its price is also affordable compared to its quality of nutrients.
4. Lean 1

This healthy meal replacement is delicious and made specifically to speed burning of fats and calories. It is made from green detox tea extract, alpha lipoic acid, and green coffee bean extract. It is also made from natural sweeteners making it lactose-free. The proteins content is high enough with 20 grams per serving.

5. 18 Shake

This shake ranks highly among most meal replacements for weight loss. It contains 100% natural ingredients. It is also high in quality proteins and fiber to help you stay full for long hours. It comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors and has no additives in the form of colors and preservatives.

6. Atkins Ready to Drink Shake

 This is a delicious ready to drink meal replacement. It is highly nutritious and comes in different tastes. The Atkins Ready to drink shake has a high content of protein which is 15g in each serving. It has low sugar and carb content. Each serving having 5g of carbs and 1g of sugar. It also contains the right vitamins and minerals. Its 3g of fiber makes it a good supplement for weight loss as it can keep you full for longer.

7. Sci-Mx Diet Meal Replacement

This is a healthy meal replacement shake with scientifically balanced nutrients. It contains a high content of proteins, has added green detox tea and other ingredients like pantothenic acid for healthy weight loss. It contains a low amount of calorie of about 200 calories. This makes it the best supplement for people that want to lose weight through a calorie-controlled diet.

8. Yoli Yes Shake

This is an extremely low calorie shake with about 80 calories in a single packing. Yoli Yes shake is made from whey protein to ensure fast digestion to provide your body with the energy to burn fats. It also contains all the essential amino acids, vitamins, and probiotics. It comes in 0nly 3 flavors.

9. Labrada Lean Body

This product combines proteins, fiber, BCAAs, EFAs, glutamine, and glutamic acid. One serving of Labrada contains 20grams of proteins, 8 grams of carbs, and 8 grams of essential fatty acids that are extracted from flaxseed oil and sunflower oil. This supplement is best for people that are active exercisers.

10. Organifi Green Shake

It acts as a great detoxify to help your body get rid of waste. It also contains detox tea extract making it the greenest shake you can get. Besides weight loss, it improves your body immunity and clears your skin. 

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