The Top 5 Java Courses for Furthering Your Programming Career

Java is the most popular programming language in use today. It’s the only one that works seamlessly across all mobile platforms. Java is continually being used to develop the fantastic web applications that businesses and consumers get excited about. Learning about Java and how to use it is a giant step towards advancement in programming careers.

Java programmers are so in demand right now that the average starting salary is over $100,000 a year. With enormous growth expected in this field, beginners and professionals alike are looking at ways to build and polish their Java programming skills.

We’ve selected 5 of the best Java training courses for multiple skill levels. If you’re looking to become more comfortable with Java, we suggest any of these 5 wonderful courses.

Simplilearn: Java Certification Training Course

Simplilearn offers an all-in-one, comprehensive Java training program that provides a well-rounded and thorough foundation in Java. With this program, participants learn advanced concepts of Core Java8 and Java EE, along with Hibernate, JDBC architecture, and SOA among other core competencies.

The Simplilearn Java Certification Training Course, which features 48 hours of instructor-led, online training, 30+ coding exercises related to Java8, and practical hands-on projects, is perfect for individuals who are looking to become Java developers and professionals looking to further their knowledge of programming languages.

Participants who take this course will finish with an advanced knowledge of Java. However, the course is designed so that even people with little to no knowledge or experience in programming languages can complete it.

Lessons in this course include:

       Introduction to Java EE
       Java Servlet
       Java Server Pages
       Multiple lessons on Hibernate
       Multiple lessons on Spring
       SOA and Web Services
       Core Java

After completion of this course, participants take an exam and receive certification of their accomplishment.

Coursera: Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialization

This course in Java programming is created by Duke University and is an introductory course designed for beginners with minimal knowledge of Java who are interested in building a pathway to a programming career.

This program is divided into 5 separate courses. Each course is 4 weeks, requiring an estimated 3-8 hours per week. Each course builds upon the next, with the course 1 being a basic introduction to Java programming. The outline for course 1 of the series looks like this:

       Week 1: Introduction plus Designing a Web Page with HTML and CSS
       Week 2: Algorithms and Programming Concepts
       Week 3: JavaScript for Web Pages
       Week 4: Mini Project: Image Filters on the Web

After working through the course, the fifth course is a capstone project in which the participant will create a recommendation system. Certificates are available upon completion, and financial aid is available for those that cannot afford the course fee.

Udemy: Advanced Java Programming

Udemy offers an Advanced Java Programming course that goes deep into advanced Java topics for participants who are looking to become experts in everything Java. This course has been designed for individuals who already have an excellent knowledge of Java and have experience as a Java developer.

This course, which includes 8 hours of video, covers advanced Java topics such as:

       Sequential and associative data structures
       Classic data structures
       Programming with JDBC
       Networking programming GUI development using Swing
       Web applications
       Java Applets
       Java graphics
       Using Eclipse

Udemy has the reputation of offering top quality courses at rates that are significantly less than other programs. Their reputation holds true for the Advanced Java Programming Course. The course fee is only $49.99 and includes a certificate of completion as well as lifetime access to the course to be used as a refresher as necessary in the future.

Lynda: Advanced Java Programming

This is a program for individuals who are already developers and want to build upon their existing skills or are interested in furthering their career. With this course, participants will be work through tutorials that will help them build web, mobile, and desktop applications.

The duration of this advanced level course is approximately 3 ½ hours and covers the following topics.

       Installing Java on Windows
       Installing Java on Mac OS X
       Installing Eclipse
       Using the Reflection API
       Advanced Class Structures
       Using Specific Features Including Simplified Generics
       Inheritance Trees
       Managing Files
       Managing Directories
       Peeking and Polling with Queues
       I/O Streams

Lynda offers unlimited learning as a part of its membership subscription. Basic plans are $19.99 per month, and premium plans are priced at $29.99 per month. An introductory trial offer is available for you to try Lynda long enough to become impressed with their offerings.

Learning Tree: Developing Enterprise Java Applications with Spring & Hibernate

This is an advanced Java course offered by Learning Tree that will help participants increase productivity and build Java applications using Spring and Hibernate frameworks. This course is focused on simplifying the development process to reduce time spent on lower level tasks.

Since this is an advanced course, participants should have a solid understanding of Java programming language and at least 3 to 6 months of Java programming experience.

This course comes with three instructor options – online, classroom and private team training. While one of the more expensive programs of these top 5, Learning Tree offers an incredibly comprehensive look at advanced Java topics, including:

       Introduction to Spring Framework
       Constructing DataAccess Tier with Spring
       Build a Web Tier with Spring MVC
       Persisting Objects with Hibernate
       Handling Complex Object Relationships
       Optimizing Data Access

The Learning Tree course takes 4 days and can be scheduled ahead of time for specific locations or online from their site. Upon completion, participants receive a professional certification that can be used to advance their careers.

The number one assets you can have in your career are knowledge and education. Each of these top 5 courses is designed to help individuals with all skill levels learn more about Java programming to further their careers and create a better future for themselves and the companies they work for. We believe in education and building a community of professionals. Contact Simplilearn today to learn more about Java course offerings.


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