Kitchen Designs – All in the Shades of Grey

Do you want to add elegance and style to your kitchen but without depressing the vibe? Well, grey is your colour then! With the help of Saturn Interiors you can now transform your boring kitchen designs into designs with individuality and timeless elegance.

There is a wide range of palette to choose from. But since we are specifically concentrating on the colour grey, the palette is more restrained. In 2018, grey kitchen designs are a major hit. However, not everyone can get the tone right. You definitely don’t want to choose the shade of grey that feels depressing and kills the entire vibe.

When you are trying for an accent colour or mixed palette for your grey kitchen design, it is better to go with the trendy and trusted colour theory out there. We recommend you to choose either of the following:

1.    Complementary colours (colours that are placed next to each other on a colour wheel) or
2.    Contrasting shades (colours belonging from the opposite side of the wheel).

In fact, contrasting shades are more energising while the complementary shades are soothing. Smaller kitchen spaces can go with soft and pale grey. The larger spaces need to have some bold colour sections that help preventing the theme from looking bland and washy.

If you want to contrast subtly, opt for two different shades of the same calm colour. With this, you can paint your kitchen island with a deeper or a contrasting colour, making it the focal point of your grey kitchen.

Additionally, ensure that your lower cabinets have a darker shade than the top cabinets, preventing the design from looking very heavy. Adding too much heavy colours to your kitchen room can make it look smaller. Hence, balance out the elements with some neutral flooring and walls.

To add a natural warmness to your grey kitchen, you can opt for elements made out of natural timber with grey-white natural stone flooring. Since we are talking about natural things, earthy browns, grey and sand colours tend to blend in perfectly. Cool grey kitchen are complimented by stainless steel and brightly coloured accents such as appliances, barstools and splash-backs etc.

1: Grey Kitchen with Wooden Flooring & Work Surface

The colour grey is known for its calmness and clinical behaviour. But if you mix it with wood, you create a more positive, warm and a cosy design. It is just important to find the perfect shade and add the right tone of timber to it.

In the above image, the dark grey kitchen cabinets are complimented by wooden flooring and work tops. The seating stools are wooden but are of a little light shade than that of the flooring and work surface.

2: Layers of Grey

To create a cohesive vibe in your kitchen you are choose various layers of grey for individual elements of the room. The cabinets and island are in a darker shade of grey while the upper shelves and top cabinets are a shade lighter.

The white work surface along with the white walls provides and effortless transitions between the light and dark. Despite the abundance of grey in the design, the white in the room keeps the room feeling airy and bright.

Smarten Up a Small Kitchen

It is a very tricky to design a small kitchen space with a darker grey colour. It may appear depressing and oppressive. But just look at the design in the image above, isn’t it just perfect? The same darker shade of grey is used for upper and lower cabinets. The worktop on the other hand is of a lighter shade of grey. The light shade walls and flooring keeps the room looking airy.

Choosing French Grey for a Rustic Scheme

Everyone loves smart grey units but did you ever plan to use them on your kitchen walls too? Looks like we went too far, right? But it doesn’t look that oppressive in the image above. To neutralise the grey in effect, choose for a lighter cabinet shades and work surface. You can also go with marble work surfaces and they compliment the grey walls and the cabinets. The seating area and the kitchen flooring can further lighten the mood and make the room more bright and airy.

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