The summers are approaching, and if you have a brutal summer in your area, you want to get your AC serviced before the summers are here. Servicing your AC is necessary not only to ensure that your AC is working and is in good shape, it provides a wide range of preventive care options that ensure that your AC keeps working in excellent shape. It helps clean any dust or dirt on the AC, and it helps to ensure that you have a more comfortable summer without any AC breakdown. Before looking at what some of the most common repairs are in an AC, it is essential to know about the risks associated with postponing the AC repair and servicing, to understand the gravity of the matter.
Fire Hazards
Poorly maintained ACs could result in fires in homes due to electrical or mechanical fires. According to reports, 1/3rd of home fires are linked to the ignition of any wire/cable insulation with the peak fires occurring in summer months, so it can be a good idea to get a servicing done in Spring annually to ensure that all the electrical connections are functioning properly. If you notice any smoke coming from the machine at any point, turn it off immediately and call a professional. Do not handle electrical wires or any part of the machine unless you are a qualified professional.
Health Problems
AC units that are outdated in today’s world or are not adequately maintained can lead to a vast array of health issues. One of the significant problems associated with improper maintenance includes the growth of mould on the ducts of the AC. Since the AC produces condensation during the summer months, the hot and humid conditions can enable the growth of mould, which if left dormant can spread and it causes respiratory diseases.
If you have renovated the home recently (primarily to get rid of lead-based paint or asbestos), you need to ensure your AC is serviced. There is a high chance of debris being caught up in the ductwork, and since ACs are fairly expensive, it can be a good idea to have an HVAC technician perform a maintenance check to ensure its proper functionality. Changing the filters is also necessary to avoid any allergens, irritants or pesticides to infiltrate the home.
Types of repairs commonly associated with ACs
Now that you are acquainted with the consequences of postponing an AC servicing, it is necessary to know the types of issues that are widely experienced with ACs and the issues that servicing can cater to. These include, but are not limited to-
Leaky Duct
If your AC is not performing at a 100%, there is a chance that the AC has leakage in any of the ducts on the machine. This is a serious issue and can zap up over 40% of the energy of the AC which will, in turn, lead to an increase in the cost associated with cooling the room. Servicing the AC can help secure the outside ducts with a special sticky and mastic substance that can be painted on.
Refrigerant Recharge
With use, the refrigerant in the AC can run out either due to an undercharging during installation or a leak. A trained technician can help to fix the leak, test it and then charge the system with the refrigerant according to the manufacturer specifications to give the best and most efficient performance.
It is necessary to ensure that the condenser(placed outside the walls) is away from any invasive bushes or in direct sunlight which hampers the AC efficiency by 10%. Another common issue with condensers is clogging in the condensate drain.
Electrical control failure
With use, the fan and compressor controls can become worn out, especially with frequent turning on and off. A servicing should check all the connections and contact points during a call.
Filter and coil cleaning
Filters help to load up the dust particles from the air inside your home and collect them to help prevent anything from entering the cooling compartments. However, with use, these also pile up with dirt and restrict the airflow. Changing filters can be a good option and can prevent the particle build up on evaporator coils which can lead to damage to the machine. Similarly, the coils that help create the condensation that helps cool the air need to be free of dust. You will need to get your filters and coils cleansed periodically depending on the level of pollution in the air and other factors.
Sensor issue
The thermostat sensor, present behind the control panel measures the temperature of the air flowing into the coil. If it is knocked out of place, the AC could behave erratically.
Thus, it is imperative to get your AC repaired and serviced in time to prevent health issues and further damage to the system. While AC repairs can be expensive, you can always go to DealVoucherz for some coupons to help save money on your next AC servicing booking.

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