4 Tips To Maintain A Personal Journal To Help Refocus

We have become too dependent on technology – right from scheduling our calendar, to maintaining contacts, arranging tasks and projects and even keeping tabs on our favourite craft beer!
While most of us can’t make it through a minute without burying our noses in our smart-phones, there are still some old souls out there who are enthralled by the prospect of maintaining a journal. Yes, we exist!

We use it to keep a track on our to-do list for the day and to manage tasks and also to pen down thoughts - both fleeting and permanent ones!  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, because research shows that we tend to remember and process information with more accuracy if we note it down.

So, should everybody just get rid of their laptops and start scribbling in their leather bound journals? Well, that’d be a tad bit extreme but if you find that you’re too hung up to your smart devices, you should definitely consider taking up the habit of maintaining journals. What purpose will it serve, you ask? Well it will just help you cut off from everything too digital and refocus your attention!
Here’s how you can get started with it!
1.      Buy a good journal

 You’re more likely to maintain a journal if you find one that’s easy to use andis dependable. This means not going for cheap composition notebooks picked haphazardly, unless that’s what you prefer. But we would suggest that you go for something that will incite encouragement from within. You can go for Moleskin journals that are both sturdy and reliable and compact to carry around. Or you can opt for Passion journal that were specifically launched keeping young professionals in mind.  The Bullet journal is another great option for organising purposes.

2.      Finding the right pen

Of course the pen and the ink matters when you wish to write something worthwhile in your journals. So, go for branded pens or stick to a particular type of pen if you care about uniformity and neatness. Using a pen that means something to us and using it to pen down your thoughts will make you feel really good! Overtime, you will discover that price isn’t the right tool to measure usefulness of some things so you can go experiment with a variety of stationery and writing tools till you can find something that you can settle on.

3.      Put in time
For those who have completely lost touch with writing, it might get a bit tough to get reacquainted with the process. But don’t give up that easily and make daily efforts and continuing giving it a go anyway. You could choose a time that works out for you; maybe mornings because it’s the start and you’ve the whole day to plan for. You could go for evenings as well because that way you get a chance to debrief the happenings of the entire day.
Don’t forget to give yourself some time every week to simply doodle or just write basically anything at all. This will help you enhance your focus and creativity a bit better.
4.      Give perfection a rest
Last but not the least, when it comes to writing a journal you’ve got to have the right expectations. It is not a manuscript; in fact, it is a place where you’ll be getting your creative juices flowing and penning down all your ideas. You can make use of a journal not just for personal, but also for professional tasks; but one of the best things about this is that it helps you take a look at your past experiences and what all you’ve accomplished so far. Moreover, you can keep all your journals in the closet and read them whenever you feel like. By doing just that you’ll realise how much time you wasted on stuff that held no importance at all.
An added benefit of writing a journal is, it puts your life in perspective and trains you to focus on things that truly matter. Well, this perhaps could be one of the best reasons to keep a journal!

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