The Difference between SSI and SSDI in Utah

Social Security Insurance (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are the types of benefits paid by the Social Security Administration (SSA).Some people can obtain both benefits. However, each program has different requirements and are for different individuals. 

What is SSDI in Utah? 

SSDI is a benefit awarded to a work because of a mental or physical impairment too severe to continue working.he impairment is expected to last until the person’s death or for at least 12 months.SSDI can be paid to a disabled or blind worker just like Social Security retirement benefits to the worker’s family such as their children or spouse. It can also be paid to an adult who was injured as a child and can’t work. 

What is SSI in Utah? 

SSI refers to SSA benefits paid to a low-income worker who is disabled or older than 65 years old.The person has suffered a mental or physical impairment that keeps them from working.This is the same definition used for SSDI because the impairment must be for the rest of their life or for at least 12 consecutive months. The biggest difference between SSDI and SSI is the latter is only for low-income workers. 

Each Program is Financed Differently 

Another difference between the programs is how SSDI and SSI are financed. SSDI is funded by a worker’s social security taxes. This means they earn credits by paying into the program each time social security taxes are deducted from their pay. SSI is funded differently.The SSI program is funded by general revenues collected by the Treasury Department.The U.S. government runs the Treasury Department.This means the money doesn’t come from a worker’s paycheck when taxes are deducted.Getting SSI doesn’t depend on the worker’s employment history like SSDI. 

Getting SDI is a Difficult Process 

Many people must hire a social security ssi salt lake city ut lawyer because the benefits are hard to obtain because of specific guidelines. In addition to the person being unable to work, they must also meet other eligibility rules.  For instance, the person must have limited income.

Limited income refers to money earned from work and other sources can’t put a person over the income threshold. In general, SSI has a limit income based on the Federal Benefit Rate (FBR) for individuals and couples. An individual can’t receive more than $750 a month in income. A couple can’t receive more than $1,125 each month in income. These figures are based on FBR for 2018. 

Determining SSI Eligibility in Utah 

The SSA uses all income resources to determine whether a person is eligible for SSI. For example, any money in bank accounts can be counted as income. Personal property and other assets also count as income. However, property such as the person’s home and one car doesn’t count as income for SSI eligibility. Depending on how much a person makes, it is possible to receive SSI and have a modest income. It’s important to check with an SSI lawyer for more information.

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