Drug Injuries -A Quick Guide

Drug injuries can happen due to several reasons. A prescribed drug or drugs available over the counter can lead to side effects, severe reactions, or death. Any medication available in the market for sale must be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). However, defective medications reach the market for sale in some cases, or some medications are available without proper precautions. Such issues later harm the patient taking such medicines.

In case of drug injuries, most frequently, the following entities can be held responsible:

1.    Physicians

2.    Drug manufacturers

3.    Pharmacists

Suppose you or your loved ones have faced severe issues due to wrong prescription or misdiagnosis resulting in the wrong medication. Then you can contact a drug injury lawyer Fort Wayne to get the deserved compensation.

Common drug injuries.

Every drug available in the market for medicinal use has some side effects. However, these side effects have to be pre-informed by the medical practitioner. Some medicines have mild side effects like headache, vomiting, or dizziness. On the other hand, some medications can be hazardous and may also have abuse potential. The following are the most dangerous drugs:


1.    Opioids: Narcotics and other painkillers are addictive and have high abuse potential. Prolonged use of narcotics can have severe side effects like decreased breathing rate and heart rate. This can further deprive the brain of oxygen and lead to permanent brain damage.


2.    Antidepressants: Antidepressants treat anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. These drugs have high dependence. In the long term, antidepressants can increase the chances of a stroke or a heart attack and lead to infertility.


3.    Sedatives: Sedatives are used to treat sleeping disorders. Side effects result in cognitive impairment or a stroke.


4.    Statins: Statins are used to lower the cholesterol levels of the blood, and in some cases, it has been reported that statins break down the muscle cell and lead to kidney failure.

The drugs, as mentioned earlier, have to be taken only when prescribed by a medical practitioner, and the dosage has to be strictly followed. An injury caused due to the drugs, as mentioned earlier, can be fatal, and the medical practitioner could be held responsible for such mistakes. However, if a patient follows the dosage and harms themselves, then the doctor might not be liable.

How to fight against drug injuries?

Drug injuries can be fatal and in some cases severe. If you or your loved ones become a victim of drug injuries, you can seek help from a lawyer. A lawyer will provide legal advice on the right steps and help in fighting aggressively towards the parties involved to compensate for your injuries.

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