About IBM Cloud Hosting Solutions

Cloud hosting is a type of internet hosting in which individuals and organizations lease access to their computers and data to be stored in remote servers to achieve the cost benefits associated with shared computing. Cloud-hosted systems may be accessed through thin clients or applications, such as web browsers, or via more traditional computer interfaces such as the IBM System x Virtual Console Operator Console (VCO).


The term "cloud" refers to both the Internet and any public cloud provider's infrastructure for hosting websites and storage services that operate on a pay-per-use basis.


A cloud is a place where data, applications, and services are stored in an off-site medium that anyone can access using any device with Internet capabilities.


IBM iSeries hosting are available for clients of all sizes. Benefits to cloud hosting include easier administration due to essentially being on-demand, scalability when your business requires it, the potential for pay per use pricing structures, increased security measures offered by remote providers, basic virtualization technology used to host multiple installations and websites on one server (and not having to purchase and maintain physical servers), among other things.


Cloud hosting offers several factors: elasticity you don't always get from colo or local datacenters; self-service; better time management; automatic upgrades and patching; around-the-clock support.


Elasticity means that you can scale up or down your resources very quickly to meet the needs of your business -- perfect for seasonal or unexpected traffic spikes. You can also add and subtract storage, bandwidth, and compute resources as needed without having to wait for someone to make changes for you manually.


Self-service provisioning allows you to deploy new servers, applications, and services yourself without waiting on IT staff. You can spin up a new server, load balancer, or application in minutes with a few clicks. Time management is improved because servers are automatically patched and upgraded, so you don't have to worry about it. And if there's ever a problem, our support team is available 24x7 to help you get back up and running.


A pay-per-use pricing model can save you money if your business doesn't require a lot of computing or storage resources every month. You only pay for the help you use, resulting in significant cost savings compared to traditional hosting models.


Security is always a concern, but it's essential to store your data off-site. That's why all IBM Cloud Hosting Solutions include robust security measures, such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and anti-virus scanning. In addition, our data centers are SAS 70 Type II certified and adhere to rigorous safety and security standards.

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