Extension Ladder Using Safety Guidelines


Ladders are now the basic need of everyone and are used in houses and offices frequently. Ladders are used to reach the roof easily to work on the heights. There are many types of ladders are present in the market. An extension ladder is one of them. An extension ladder is the oldest type of ladder and is safe to use.

Ladders should always be used appropriately for your safety. Here is the guideline to use safely the extension ladders.

Placing the ladder

Always place an extension ladder on the clean and solid surface to safety, make sure that the surface is properly dry. A wet surface can decrease the grip of the ladder on the ground. Extension ladders are come with rubber feet to make a strong bond with the ground. Check the rubber before using the extension ladder. Place the ladder on the firm and accurate level surface.

This is a must to place a ladder accurately on the ground to ensure your safety.

Erection of extension ladder

To make a perfectly stable position of the ladder, erect the extension so that the upper section must be in front of you and should lie on the bottom section. If you set your ladder opposite to this position then your ladder will not handle the capacity mentioned on the ladder.

Angle with the ground

One other important thing for safety is to consider the angle of the extension ladder with the ground. Not set too large or too small angle with the ground. If you set a too small angle then the ladder will face the imbalance. Or if you set too large an angle then you will be found trouble in reaching its maximum capacity.  Thus, the 75-degree angle is a standard for the proper balance of the ladder. You can also set the 4:1 wall to ground ratio if you are unable to set the angle.

Ensuring the ladder locking mechanism

Before climbing up to the ladder, make sure that the locks of two slidable parts are properly locked. To check the locking ladder hooks, give a little weight on the rung of the ladder. If it is stable then you can climb on it without any fear.

Know the capacity of the ladder

To work safely on the roof or top, know the capacity of the ladder so that you will not fall due to the breakage of the ladder. Every extension ladder contains its capacity to lift the weight. If you load the weight on the extension ladder more than its capacity, it can break. Make sure that the total weight of you and your tools are under the capacity of the ladder.

Setting up barricades

set the barricade and warning signs (in passageway workings) to protect you from the unwanted disturbance due to the people and animals. Otherwise, you are prone to disturb by unnecessary people. It can cause imbalance and reduce your safety.

By following these rules, you can safely work on the extension ladders.

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