Advantages of 3d Printing

3d printing has revolutionized the manufacturing process across various industries. There are a lot of aspects of manufacturing that can be optimised using Business services/printing service. 3d printing is all about prototyping and replicating.

The more the industries implement 3d printing, the more they realise that there is hardly any aspect of manufacturing that 3d printing singapore cannot be used for.  In fact, 3d printing can be used in various departments of an industry too from manufacturing to research and development.

The advantages of 3d printing are way too many. Let us have a look at a few of them.

Competitive Advantage

3d printing owing to it’s high speed and efficient utilisation of time, gives you an upper edge in manufacturing products. It helps manufacturers to deliver products in less than the stipulated time.

3D printing does not leave anything to the customers imagination as it demonstrates a product physically. Therefore, the chances of any information being lost or misunderstood are almost zero.

Quality and consistency

In 3d printing, quality of products is assured as the process involves layer by layer addition of materials which ensures the consistency in the quality of the product. Unlike in the traditional printing methods like the subtractive method and the injection method, in which layers are subtracted and moulds are injected with the material respectively.

Risk Reduction

3d printing allows the designers to verify the prototype before it is used in substantial new projects and investments to help avoid it ending up in a disaster. This is how 3d printing can help manufacturers mitigate potential risks to their businesses.


3d printing requires the use of the same prototyped machinery. So there is less demand for production of parts. The outsourcing of product parts is minimal. This reduces the negative impact printing on the whole can have on the environment. There is need for less to be shipped across the globe. Not only this the wastage in manufacturing a particular product is itself negligible.

Storage system

The digital inventory of a business can easily be maintained and storage system efficiently utilized. On- demand manufacturing of goods help produce low volumes as and when there is a demand.

Mass customization

3d printing or additive printing is used widely in the medical industry to get prosthetics and implants made like in various other industries. 3d printing is cost effective and time saving if mass customization is the need of the hour.

3d printing is the norm of the day. From small scale businesses to larger firms and for personal use to get creative, 3d printing caters to all. So go ahead and optimise your printing usage by incorporating 3d printing in your manufacturing process.

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