10 Dupatta Draping Styles for a Lehenga Choli

If you are a bride-to-be, then read throughout this post carefully to spice up your style quotient. These can be an inspiration for your upcoming wedding or your friend’s or brother’s wedding. Learn the different ways to drape a lehenga choli now. Firstly, if you want to buy a lehenga choli online, make sure you buy from the reputable online portals only so that you can get quality outfits for the money you will be spending.

Lehenga Choli Dupatta Draping Styles

1.   Dupatta pinned on one side: This look is quite easier to get. The draping style is simple and easy too. Just you need minimal effort and time. All you need to do is purchase a matching dupatta with a superb border for your lehenga choli. Coming to draping, just pin the dupatta to one side of the shoulder to get a fantastic look.

2.   Pin dupatta on one-side and hold the remaining part with the other hand: This is one of the fantastic looks that you can get and will be good for any occasion. Make sure you have a contrast sheer dupatta. If you are looking for a modest composed look, then this look is perfect.

3.   Dupatta styled like saree pallu: This is one of the styles in which you can drape a dupatta, but it may not be so great for everyone. Instead of this, you can simply wear a saree, right? What do you say?

4.   Dupatta over the head: This one gives a magical look no doubt. Though you may have many other styles of using a dupatta, make sure you try this style at least once so that anyone who looks at you would never turn their eyes off you. This is one of the most recommended dupatta draping styles ever.

5.   Gujarati style draping of dupatta: This one is so perfect for your mother. This is one of the styles that you see in many Gujarati weddings. It looks super sweet on moms without a doubt.

6.   Dupatta over the shoulder: This one gives you a new look on the whole. If you want a new style and love to experiment, this may be the one who might be looking for.

7.   Dupatta clutched to the waistband: This is no doubt the latest trend. The waistband helps in keeping the dupatta clutched to it so that it is easy to carry for you and no more hassle. It is perfect for wedding ceremonies. Wear a sequined lehengas to rock the evening.

8.   The traditional style of having dupatta on both shoulders: This is the best way to show off your entire dupatta. If you have embroidery work or great stonework on a dupatta, it will be just awesome. One of the best choices for women who wear a lehenga choli.

9.   Try a cape style dupatta: This means wearing a dupatta like a jacket. Search online to see some pictures of how it looks and then try for yourself.

10.               Dupatta with open look and side pinned: This is a carefree look. You can wear it and run wherever you want. Just pin your dupatta, and you are ready to dance, twirl, and do whatever you feel like with this look.

Hope you got enough dupatta draping styles under your belt. Now you just buy a lehenga choli online from top shopping portals like Hatkay.com and you are prepared to rock any occasion.

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