Did You Know These Facts About Juttis?

When it comes to shop for footwear then the ladies jutti are the first type of footwear which comes to our mind as we all know that not only do these ladies jutti or the famous Punjabi jutti are not just of a beautiful look but also a beautiful feel.

What makes these ladies jutti for charming is that they come in all shapes and sizes in vibrant colours and for all occasions. You can style the Punjabi jutti with a traditional attire as well as the western and the ethnic.

Here we bring you some facts that you might have missed about the ladies jutti


Ladies jutti were originally made for men and it was introduced by the Mughals.

·         The original Punjabi jutti is made by not a single person but more than one and the leather used to make these ladies jutti is pure.

·         The beautiful Punjabi jutti was also known as nagra in the ancient times because of its popularity amongst the regal’s of India.

·         The original procedure of the making of these Punjabi jutti was done by three groups of people, the first who would assess the material of these ladies jutti the second who would colour them and then finally the third group which finally does the stitching and embroidery work on these gorgeous Punjabi jutti.

·       Although the ladies jutti became famous from the hand work of Punjab craftsmen due to which it is majorly known as Punjabi jutti but the word jutti is aurdu word for a shoe with closed upper.

·         There is not left or right shoe in the original Punjabi jutti, you can wear it according to your comfort, as they have a same fit.

·         The embroidery of a Punjabi jutti tells about the occasion that it can be worn on, like a heavy embroidered jutti means it is for wedding purpose, a flat plane Punjabi jutti with simple zari embroidery can be sported for day to day chores.

·         The Mughals would wear the Punjabi jutti which had the embroidery on them done by gold and silver wires and not the zari work.

So these were some of the facts that you must not be knowing about these gorgeous Punjabi juttis. With multiple brands now a days that offer you an amalgamation of the traditional hand-craft and with the modern chic touch thus giving you the new ethnic ladies jutti.

Shop online for your favourite piece of these beautiful ladies jutti (a.k.a the Punjabi jutti).

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