SAT Coaching and Exam Pattern: Detailed Information

As the education system is growing, the importance of exams is also increasing. They are used as a parameter to check the knowledge of a person to offer deserving rewards in the form of jobs or admissions. History as a witness, exams have been used by various institutions to test the ability of their aspirants under given conditions.

 Exams play a vital role not just because they aid the institutions but also because they help candidates develop themselves. Nowadays, there are plenty of tests given by students to get admission into desired colleges one of which is SAT. 

Scholastic Assessment Test also known as SAT is standardized internationally is required to get admissions into most colleges in many countries of which India and the United States of America are a part of. This test is taken by many aspirants every year and the popularity are escalating by a huge scale because it tests the overall abilities of the candidate. The SAT coaching in Kolkata is also getting popular among students who are trying to get admission to Grad schools in Kolkata.

SAT is organized by a board called the College Board. It is a multiple-choice test given as a pencil-and-paper test. It aids the institutions to test the readiness of the high school for their admission into graduate degrees. Thoughthere are no certain eligibility requirements for taking this test generally the candidates aged between 17 and 18 years appear for this test.

 If a candidate wants to get a scholarship, he/she must have a good score in SAT or ACT. The higher the score in SAT, the more are the chances to get scholarships. There are no certain limits on the number of times this test can be given though, the most recent 6 scores stay on your file. But taking this test more than 5 or 6 times can affect your admission.

The SAT costs about 50-70 US Dollars and is subject to change. One can pay the fees through online or offline methods though, cash is usually not recommended and must be done while the registration process is going on. The SAT scores expire after 5 years however, the colleges may prefer more recent scores over the older ones.

SAT dates are listed below starting in March:

·         March 14, 2020
·         May 2, 2020
·         June 6, 2020

The registration datesare February 14, 2020; April 3, 2020, and May 8, 2020.

The general SAT was taken four times a year while the subject test was taken five times a year in 2018. The best score for the SAT exam is considered to be more than 1530. And if you score more than 1530 you have scored more than 99% of the test-takers. This score is very good and a candidate scoring this is never advised to take the test again as this is a top score. The most well-known institutions are willing to give admissions to these test-takers into their grad degrees. So, you need not retake the test.

The students taking this test generally opt for coaching as SAT coaching in Kolkata is a good option if one aims to crack this exam.

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