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Military camouflage and fashion always go hand in hand. Season after season, newly designed camo clothing emerges and fills closets, but why? Maybe, this fashionable attire is a brain child of an artist or a designer. Maybe, it is due to its ease and functionality. Whatever the reason, Camo Jacket has long been a fascination for kids in the fashion industry. Not only does it exude the feel in charge, but it also means more safety and more protection from weather.

A soldier’s uniform is a symbol of allegiance and honor. It reflects branch, rank, and title. As for camouflage, it means more. A soldier is born to stand and fight on the battlefield. So, how did their uniform become an iconic fashion statement? Let’s explore.

A Brief History of Camouflage:

Camouflage was primarily used by the militants or armed forces to protect personnel and equipment from observation by enemy forces. The word “camouflage” probably comes from camoufler, a Parisian slang term which means to disguise, and maybe the term has an association with French ‘camouflet’ which means “whiff of the smoke in the face”. The military sense materialized during the First World War. When more advanced war equipment came into the global market, most of the developed nations shunned the traditional, brighter uniform colors, and went for a muted olive drab color. A troop of artists and designers, called camofleurs, eventually designed low-visibility uniforms with the safety and protection of military personnel and equipment in mind.

In 1940, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers started experimenting with camouflage uniforms and by 1943, U.S Marines started sporting reversible beach coveralls with a “frog” pattern of green and brown. However, camo lost its rage by the end of the WWII, though a few military units continued to experiment with camouflage till 20th century. The first official camouflage uniform did not emerge until the mid - 80s.

From Field to Fashion:

By 1943, Vogue magazine adopted the field trends and brought it into the fashion world, explaining its intent in incorporating the trend and its main function. As early as 1971, the magazine published its next article that featured a trend collage on camo with images of girls dressed in tactical gear. However, it did not become the rage until the 1980s, when hunters and civilians started wearing all types of green, tan, and brown apparel.

Today, camouflage clothing floods the market in all shapes, colors and styles - on everything. From lingerie to shoes, jacket to helmet, you will have everything for your kids, too.

Kids Love Jackets:

We all know that kids love pockets and hoods. Though there’s not exact reason as to why baby clothes have pockets, yet it’s nice for kids to have something that they like.

The New Rage in Kid’s Fashion:

Kids Camo Jackets not only have pockets, but they also have hood. The jacket features a waterproof nylon outer shell which will protect kids from elements. It’s really quite the fashion statement.

Why Is It Special for Cold Morning Hiking:

There goes an old saying - there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. A brisk walk on a cold crisp day, whether for fitness or for fun, can be really exhilarating and refreshing. Unfortunately, your kids may end up having hypothermia or bone chills that can take hours to thaw. The uniquely designed Kids Camo Jackets offer warmth and full coverage for cool morning hikes. This jacket combines quality materials and highly realistic camo patterns that truly appeal to the kids.

Find Fresh Collection at Great Prices:

As winter sets in, parents need to be extra careful about their kid’s health. The strong chill in the air may cause bronchial disease which may later erode into the attainment of full potential in adulthood. To reduce the risk of such severe consequences, it would be best to opt for camo jackets that make them feel comfortable. Going by the combination of a short sleeve tee and the warm pullover hooded sweatshirt means more safety and protection. Find the best store and check out the latest and trendy jackets for girls and boys from fresh collection at great prices.

Toddler Camo Jackets - Let Your Kid’s Imagination Soar High:

Kids love playing army, hiding and what not. It is also noted that the urge to join army often stems from their participation in casual army games during childhood. The best way to facilitate their imagination and instill a sense of patriotism is to wrap them with a toddler camo jacket.

Rothco’s Tactical Cross Draw Vest for Kids:

As a matter of fact, these jackets are specially designed and manufactured for kids. Additionally, you can consider Rothco’s Tactical Cross Draw Vest for kids that has all the features as the adult version. This type of vests feature 2 ammo pouches on the right side, above the ammo pouches. The right side features a large shell capable of carrying pouch and a shooting pad. The left side of the tactical jacket has a pistol holster capable of carrying most medium-framed pistols, attached to vest with horizontal MOLLE straps. Left side also makes room for 2 pistol magazine pouches which can be easily adjusted for the height of most normal-sized magazines.

Keep Your Kids Warm and Comfortable with the Insulated Coverall:

The insulated coverall for kids are great for the wintertime. It will help keep the outdoor kids warm, whether they are hunting, hiking, snowmobiling or just doing chores. The leg zippers simplify the task of getting the pant leg over the boot, thereby offering enough comfort to keep the wind out.

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