Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Natural Fibre Rugs

The best part about the natural fibre rugs is that they not only look super elegant but are equally easy to clean and maintain as well. Having said so, the cleaning techniques, however, differ a bit than your regular synthetic carpets and other floor coverings. For instance, take the case of jute rugs, they are highly durable and can last you few years by following a bare minimal maintenance routine. However, if you keep the natural carpet constantly under highly humid or moist condition, its inherent structure is going to break and the rug will disintegrate in no time. Hence, washing them up is certainly not one of the ways to clean them.
Similarly, there are many other things which you need to be wary of, so we have put together an exclusive list of cleaning tips that you could use to keep your natural fibre rugs clean and running for years.
1.    Periodic vacuuming: Regular vacuuming i.e. once or a couple of times a week is the easiest way to clean and increase its life of your favourite rug. It will help take off, the loose soil and dirt particles which could even stain the carpet if not cleaned in time.
Besides, you must exercise a little caution while vacuuming and stay clear of the binding knots as this can potentially damage them.
Also, pay special attention to the vacuum heater and ensure that it is turned off as otherwise, the natural fibres could catch fire leading to a bigger accident.
2.      Prefer dry cleaning: As mentioned earlier, keeping water off your natural carpet is the best means to enhance its life. Also, avoid using shampoo, wet detergents or steam-based cleansing.
Nothing works better than the dry-cleaning process for your natural rug. Either you could get it done professionally or make use of various DIY carpet dry cleaning kits available in the market.
3.      Treating Blotches & Stains: When faced with wine or coffee spills, you must immediately jump into the action and use a tissue or a high absorption clean cloth to suck the moisture at the earliest.
Also, never resort to rubbing as this could spread the stain instead. In case the spills are difficult to absorb or have seeped too deep inside the fibre of the carpet then use the cloth dampened with soda water- It works like magic in most of the cases.
However, if the staining is widespread, seek the professional help to contain the damage.
4.      Natural Fibre Cleansers: It is never going to be easy to select the right product for the cleaning of your favourite natural carpet. Exercise utmost caution as an unsuitable product can cause more damage than any good.
Stick with the standard and company recommended products to stay clear off some unwelcome surprises.
5.      Protective Coatings: For that extra care, you could use a protective solution to coat your natural fibre rugs and carpets. The layer works as a protective barrier thus effectively guarding against the spills, dust particles and other foreign materials that could damage the surface underneath.
By following these easy tips, you can easily add a few more years to your natural fabric rugs and carpets besides gifting them with timeless quality.

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