Which works out to be a better choice: A discount broker or a full time broker?

Broking accounts are beneficial for individuals who want to trade in a stock market. It poses a significant challenge in choosing a broker as per your investment needs. It would be beneficial if you trim down the choice of brokers and then go on to choose one as per your financial objectives. The major distinction is seen among the full time service brokers and discount brokers. Apart from cost and services the choice of a broker can possess significant impact on your financial earnings.

Things you can expect from a discount broker

In the era of 1970’s the concept of discount broker gained prominence. Even NSE Span margin is operated is a feature of such brokers and there are plenty of ones in the market providing similar services.

·         On stock trades discount brokers provide you with lower commissions

·         In order to provide simplified  access to investing, they provide access to various trading platforms
·         Most of the discount brokers provide you with expert advice and inputs on how to choose the best stock among the lot.

·         A variety of accounts can be opened with a discount broker.

Yes to a considerable extent it is true that some discount brokers are better as they offer a variety of services. You might come across complex interfaces, while on the other hand it could be a simple to use interface. All this requires a steep learning curve before you start to feel comfortable on how to invest in stock markets. It would be really foolish to overlook cost advantages provided by a discount broker in comparison to a full time stock broker. Some of them even could provide you with a platform where no form of commission is levied. Literally it means that you would get access to all money rather than churning in on unnecessary commissions.

How to figure out whether a discount broker or a full time broker would be a better choice

Always choose a broker who helps to achieve your investment goals. The choice of a broker needs to match with your investment style and even temperament. In case if you fall in the below mentioned domain you can give discount brokers a following try

·         There is not a lot of money to invest and you do not want to be paying hefty commissions
·         You want to be making your own investment decisions and do not want people to bother you
·         A sense of comfort is attained by using mobile platforms to make transactions.

·         Just as to make smart financial decisions you need a steady know how of tools or resources to achieve the objective

For a major chunk of investors discount brokers are a better choice. Considering the fact on what a full time service broker offers, a discount broker might find it difficult to match up with those services. It is not only savings in cost, but how smart you are about managing your finance is important.

In the long run investing in stock market assures instant returns.

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