How AI Is Changing The Game Of Photography?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is ready to mark its huge impact on the world of photography. A few years from now, your next mobile camera will be going to be more AI centric. Beyond the hype and bluster, the most advanced changes have been made at the silicone and software level rather than just focusing on the lens which most of the people think right now.

Many big tech giants such as Google have already made a big shift in this area by presenting consumer-facing AI features in the photo apps. This means the wedding you are going to see after few years will capture your much-improved photos than the present ones. Make sure to choose a Toronto wedding photographer specialized in handling AI inspired cameras and devices. Only a professional and best wedding photographer Toronto will click the best pictures.
Photo Optimization
The latest most unique technology in the photography world is AI-powered upscaling.
This technology will upscale mobile images and allow their printing at a very high resolution and sharpness.
Plus, a startup company in the US is now applying quantum mechanics to RAW files. This technology will help to compress your photos up to 10x without showing any loss of data.
Another small startup in Switzerland known as Dotphoton is now trying to improve the HEIF format of the iPhone.
HEIF is the High-Efficiency Image Format that allows higher image quality.
Processing Power
As AI technology is improving day by day and bringing new possibilities to the photography world, many manufacturers are now focusing on processing.
Image capturing and real-time processing have now become the main area of concern.
Moreover, it also acts as a great marketing differentiator as in this the area is clearly visible to the consumer.
Pixel 2 has already featured a dedicated image enhancement chip that focuses on improving image procession on the fly.
Other main area of focus in terms of image processing is real-time image scene recognition. This means, that the future of photography is mainly about the high processing power of cameras.
Catering to the Pros
There are many other AI developments that focus on improving image quality in both professional and semi-pro settings. The more advanced improvements of AI such as in RAW processing are moving at a steady and predictable pace.
AI is absolutely ready to supercharge the image processing process. All the AI-assisted software that you will use in coming next years will create very high-quality images.
Moreover, there will be improved tiny security cameras that will help in improving overall surveillance by producing high-quality imagery. So get ready for a more clear and safe future with the advancement of AI in the image world.
This means that the future of photography is very bright and more advanced than ever before. So, if you are planning a wedding from a few years now then choose only best Toronto wedding photographer who can handle AI rich cameras and devices.  

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