Buy Hyundai Ioniq Today And Find Out Why Is It So Popular Worldwide!

If you are planning to buy a brand new car, one of the hottest trends is the Hyundai Ioniq. If you are a fan of Hyundai cars, then you probably already know why this car is special. But to those who are just starting to shop for their dream car, then this article is definitely for you. Let us go ahead and take a look at why this Hyundai car model is a sweet deal for car buyers.

All About Hyundai Ioniq

The nameplate Ioniq was launched with a hybrid model. That is before it included an EV, then a plug-in hybrid. All of these three variants have definitely impressed car enthusiasts. It is packed with amazing features like its fuel efficiency, a very attractive driving character. In fact, the EV model has an electric range that you can actually use.

There’s no hybrid droning with Ioniq because Hyundai decided to go for the traditional automatic transmission model instead of using the continuously variable automatic transmission or CVT. Aside from all that, who can say no to the amazing and well thought of interior and exterior design? The Houston Hyundai Ioniq is affordable, lets you drive it like a normal car, and very efficient.

Introducing, The All New 2019 Hyundai Ioniq!

This new Hyundai Ionic still comes in three variations:

       Ionic Hybrid.  A gasoline engine and/or the electric motor setup.
       Plug-In Hybrid. This is somewhat similar to the Ioniq Hybrid but it can be charged at home and it runs solely using electric power.
       Electric. Cheaper than other brands.

The 2019 Hyundai Ioniq is the carry-over model but with additional features. New options like the driver-attention monitor as well as the high-beam headlights will surely impress any driver. It also now comes with an automated emergency braking which is now the standard for all SEL model. Hyundai also added driver-assistance technology and updated the voice recognition system. For the EV and the plug-in hybrid, charging the battery can be managed remotely using a smartphone app.

Why Buy A Brand New Car?

When purchasing a car, you can buy either a used car or a brand new vehicle. The advantage of buying a new car is that they usually come with a warranty. You also do not have to worry about repairs in the first couple of years because new cars will only have a few of those. What you just have to focus on is how to maintain it. There are also low-interest financing offered especially when you are planning to purchase a brand new car. This will help reduce your total interest.

What’s good with new cars is its latest technology and people can learn more here. This would mean that most of these cars offer better gas mileage and also lower emissions. In fact, if you buy a hybrid from Hyundai, you can reduce your transportation cost on a monthly basis. So why settle for a second-hand car when you have the budget and the capacity to purchase a brand new vehicle? Check out Houston Hyundai today and find out your options!

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