The interesting phenomenon of EN caul birth

A caul birth means that babies have a portion of amniotic sac or membrane on their head. In some ways it is termed as a head helmet a tiny thin filmy membrane that goes on to cover the face and head of a baby once they are born. A couple of caul types are there. The first one would be adhered to the head and around the ears of the infant it loops. It further drapes over the torso of the new born.

This caul is harmless and can be easily removed by a doctor just after birth. If undertaken in a proper manner the doctor would incorporate an incision on the membrane adjacent to the nostrils so that the baby could breathe. Form behind the ears the loops and then un looped. For the reminder of the caul it can

·         In a careful manner you can peel it from the skin

·         In a gentle manner it can be rubbed with a sheet of paper and then peel it from the skin

If you remove it in a quick manner it can pave way for wounds on the infant’s skin increasing the chances of permanent scars. Caul membrane in most cases is expected to be preserved and then handed over to the mother. It depends upon the hospital whether parents would be informed babies are born with a caul or not. Ideally the babies who were born with cauls are termed as caul bearers and are bestowed with natural or unique abilities.

En caul delivery

With the caul birth you should not confuse the EN caul birth. This occurs when the infant is born submerged wholly in an amniotic sac. At birth the sac balloon with the child to remain outside the broken membrane

Some of the cultures considered babies born with a caul as a symbol of good luck. The chances could emerge from the rarity of this condition and throughout history several interesting stories have evolved around this unique concept.

In Rome the midwives went on to steal cauls and sold them to sailors for a good sum of money. The logic was that if you are in possession of a caul the chances of losing out a case was remote. In certain cases the child would be lucky if you buried a caul in the field.

There were a certain section of people who believed possession of a caul made you immune from drowning for the rest of your life. Though this was till that point of time where you were in possession of the caul. A particular incident comes to the mind when a young boy drowned once the mother went on to throw away the caul. Because of the scenario that possession of a caul prevented you from being drowned for the rest of your life cauls where sold to sailors for a good sum of money
Be it babies born en caul or even caul birth there is nothing to panic as it seems to be a natural process of giving birth.

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