All you need to know about Bobcats & Excavators

Many of you visited a construction site or having some construction works, and then surely you have seen a Bobcats & Excavators. These are used to lift the heavy weight on those sites and also to uproot the ground soil which also can be done by humans, but will take much time so to save time, money and have a proper accuracy one can use Bobcat & Excavators.
These machines have some incredible features like advance hydraulics, predictable control, dual flange roller system, fingerprint boom swing control, depth check system, multi-arm configuration, extendable arm, and a blade float. These features make this machine different from other machines.
Types of excavators
These are single axle eight to 10 m3 truck, used to clean sites, removal of waste material, etc. This comes with four griped tires to move smoothly on roads, with a metal blade float to move things and a small body to get in anywhere. Any small movement activities can be done easily because of its size and wheels which help them to move anywhere
Posi Track:
These are truck fitted with hitch, able to tow 3.5 tone compaction rollers, specially designed to move on sand, mud or any soft ground easily and fitted with leveling laser. Used for site cuts, slab preps, landscape preps & final trims.
Micro Combo:
These are small trucks with rollers to move on the soft and hard surface, with an arm having a small jaw with teeth, only 1-meter wide body, with augers and rippers attachment, able to perform tight jobs in narrow areas.
3 to 8.5 tone Excavators:
These are multitasking excavators attached on the back of their flat bed truck, equipped with augers, rock breakers, rock grabs, rippers & all buckets to perform various jobs like piers, footing, retaining wall holes, plumbing drains, etc. As it is attached on the back of the truck and also having its wheel so it can move efficiently on any surface as it can also be detached from the truck and can reach anywhere easily. It is widely used.
Big Excavators 14 to 17 tones:
These are ideally designed for all types of excavation work, civil works & bulk earthworks, having a huge body with a long arm and two roller wheels for moving on any type of surface, used for sites cuts, having machine fitted with built-in laser levels, hammers, and rock augers.
If you want to move or carry heavy metals or different construction items, then you can use Bobcats or posi trak. If you want to do some construction work in less area then micro combo can be used having a large construction work then 3 to 8.5 tones Excavators, 14 to 17 tones big excavators can be used. Having any types of work in construction, these excavators can be used to save time, money and have accuracy.

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