Why Should You Run Away From A Dysfunctional Family

The smooth functioning of a family can get hindered due to an array of triggers such as rigidity, parental negligence, abuse and acute alcoholism. Today we are going to understand the characteristics of a dysfunctional family so that you can keep yourself and your loved ones protected from the same:

·         Affinity towards drug or alcohol abuse.
·         Poor communication medium.
·         They lack adequate level of empathy as parents tend to become judgemental rather showering them with unconditional love.
·         Verbal abuse and criticism make it difficult for children to develop adequate level of self-confidence.
·         Children are constantly pitted against each other and forced to compete for winning the affection of parents which leads to intense jealousy.
          Negative Impact Of Growing Up In A Dysfunctional Family

·         You might develop severe psychological conditions like anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts in extreme cases.
·         You can have difficulty in forming healthy relationships with peers due to extreme shyness and an inherent feeling of being constantly judged by the society.
·         You might develop a love-hate relationship with your closest family members and friends.
·         You can develop a profound addiction towards alcohol, cigarette and even drugs.
·         You might feel agitated at all times which can isolate you even from your closest well-wishers.
·         Your performance both at school and work arena might be extremely poor as it becomes increasingly difficult to concentrate properly on work assignments amidst the growing tension at home.
·         You might lack discipline and develop traits of irresponsible attitude as you have been living life on your own rules from a very tender age.
·         You might develop a self-damaging behavior due to extreme low level of confidence in your abilities and a constant feeling of worthlessness.
·         You can exhibit violent traits as you might have grown up seeing both physical and emotional abuse inflicted by your family members on each other. This is bound to make you feel insecure at all times.
·         You might lack adequate decision making capability as your childhood was surrounded by extremely dominant parents who had been taking all the final calls even when the same was unnecessary.
·         Your communication skills might not develop adequately thus leading to further mistrust, misunderstandings and differences.
·         You can develop an unrealistic expectation of being perfect round the clock as you have been meant to believe the same by parents who had extremely high expectations from you as a child. The tremendous amount of pressure inflicted on you during childhood can add up to your level of stress and anxiety even after growing up.
Children growing up in dysfunctional families in most of the cases end up heading similar unorganised setups as adults. This is why it is advisable to get out of the mess and start your life afresh with positivity and love.

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