How Varicocele is treated naturally

Varicocele is a kind of enlarged veins located in the scrotum. They are mainly result of some faulty valves present in the testicular veins of the scrotum. They are major causes why a man faces infertility.

There are some conventional treatments for this disease but some of them are very much expensive and those treatments come with side effects as well. There can be redevelopment of the disease and scarring as well. So, one often looks for Varicocele treatment in Ayurveda in Hindi by which they can cure the disease at home. Do they work well? There are many studies that have come to the conclusion that it has provided a lot of relief to many. One also takes some natural healing courses as well in order to get rid of this disease.

·         Yoga treatments can often work wonders when it comes to this disease. This has various poses which can increase blood circulation around the testis. Yoga can actually help in improving fertility rates in a male body. Inversions are also the best way to reduce the swelling in those areas. One can go for the bridge pose in order to do this. Also mediation breathing can also be beneficial for this. One needs to focus on some long duration breathing sessions like at least breaths per day.

·         Horse chest nut is a certain kind of plant and one can take supplements for those in order to treat this disease. In fact, they also have a very long history in folk medicinal journals where they have been used in order to treat varicose veins. It is good to take the supplement of 100 to 300 mg per day and one should not have it for more than 6 months at a stretch.

·         Cooling is also said to be a natural cure of this disease. It is said that overheating of testicles can be a major cause for Varicocele and if cooling is done then it can reduce the swelling of the veins. For this, one needs to run cold water over the testicles for at least 30 seconds on a regular basis and it can wash the whole scrotum.

·         A diet high on anti oxidants can be very helpful in these cases.  It can help in protecting the testicular veins and damaging the effects of those oxidizing chemicals. One can include food items like dark chocolates, blue berries, green tea, cranberries, beans and cauliflower in their regular diet chart.

·         One can also wear some special under wears which can provide some scrotal support and can also reduce swelling. There are certain compressions which can reduce the back flow of blood in the testicles.

Varicocele treatment Ayurveda can be the best way to treat it because it mostly does not include any surgery or radiation treatments. There are certain message oils, laxatives and other blood purification products which help the veins to regain their strength and work properly. It can increase the blood flow in the testicles.

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