Yardley Perfume of India: An Incredible Collection That Works For All

Yardley perfume has been around for close to four hundred years. There are several; perfumes and other products for bath and the body for example soap and powders.

Before ordering a perfume online, it’s imperative to have an idea of the best product for you. Yardley perfumes are specifically made and are ideal for many skin types.

Yardley perfumes are available for both men and women and come in impeccable and exceptional fragrances. They are available in India online and you can order for your favorite Yardley perfume with a lot of ease. Yardley perfumes are affordable and are of high quality.

Yardley perfume for Men

There is a variety of Eau de Toilette are for the gentleman. They are clammy, fresh and classy. They highlight precious oriental forested bouquets that outline the self-confident manliness. They denote an escapade with an experience that resonances some yearning, attraction, and pride.

The Yardley Perfume expresses a man's wish to explore and his stubbornness to discover fresh places. The good thing about it is that it has heartfelt tinges with endless oriental quests. They bring out the polished, urbane man with a sense of elegance and sophistication.

The Yardley Perfume for women

These are attractive and allusive bloomy perfumes that have some sweet smell of rose flower shades. They have the magic of a rose flower mixed with magnolia and some highlight musky oil and dazzling blossoms.

They highlight traditional English luxury with uplifting scents. The unending fresh fragrance grips the skin leaving it fresh and relaxed.

The Lavender Body Bouquet

This perfume has an inspiring, enduring fragrance with a mixture of English Lavender leaves and clary sage. It’s then mixed with geranium and some splash of lavender oil with tinges of Tonka bean and dashes of sandalwood. It makes your inner self feel calm and tranquilized.

The Poise Perfume

This exclusive body spray from Yardley is made for the fashionable and stylish lady. It has a bottomless oriental baroque scent with outstanding and peppery under notes that highlights the allure in the modern woman. It conveys the fancy of English gardens that have the sun rays meandering the rose flowers.

The Bluebell

This is a warm and bright Yardley perfume with an aromatic deep and flowery posy mixed with some bergamot and cassis harmonies that highlights the charm of the bluebell, peony, lily of the valley and jasmine. Besides the deep vanilla essence at the base brings out the majesty and rich undertones.

The English Daisy

This is a stylish perfume that mimics flowers sprouting in the English gardens during spring. It has commanding connotations of a green flower, an apple and white rose with a dense base of sandalwood.

The Country Breeze

It is made for the modern sophisticated woman. It has some powerful undertones that highlight an elegant and tender experience mixed with control and silkiness.

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