Top 5 Stones that Absolutely ace the ‘Sophisticated Silver Gemstone Jewelry’ Look

There is a ‘silver lining’ behind most beautiful gems in the world! While not each gem can look as good as the second on a silver body, there are a fair few that totally smash it. Keep reading this post to have a look at the top 5 gemstones that look great with silver.
If you are someone who loves to look sleek in silver and adore the attention that the amazing gems studded on it attract, you are in the right place. Silver, often representing the twin virtues of purity and grace, is one of the most in-vogue metals that loves every skin tone and embraces each occasion. Often, silver shows excellent harmony and gets even more beautified when it’s hand in hand with rare and beautiful gems! Following are the top 5 gemstones that look absolutely dashing with silver.

1.       Turn heads with Topaz

Topaz has always been in trend. Available in a variety of hues, topaz is a favourite among newlyweds and party goers alike. Out of all colors, white topaz is the most popular while blue and yellow are also loved a lot. With silver, topaz completely aces the sophisticated look and turns heads towards you other than bringing its wearer a lot of prosperity and healing.

2. Swirl around with Sapphire

Sapphire, a good old favorites for rings and brooches looks stellar when teamed with silver. As such, the blue sapphire with its azure aura of calmness and grace is a stark contrast with the shiny silver. Although blue sapphires are most popular when it comes to jewelry, you can also go for white sapphires if your taste is different. Sapphires are known to bring protection against danger for their wearer.

3. Run the Show with Ruby

When Ruby is teamed with silver, the show must never end. With its crimson hue to tone up the silver base, ruby has always been affectionate towards most complexions and moods. Ruby is also known to bring its wearer good health. As such, a ruby and silver ring has been a traditional gift for newlyweds.

4. Delve Gracefully with Diamond

The beauty of the diamond is not unknown to any. However, when a diamond is teamed with its ally silver, it’s an altogether different story to relate! With its hundred and one refracting surfaces, diamond scatters light as soon as it falls on it. This is the secret behind the majestic sparkle that we get to see in diamond. The simplicity and sleekness of silver helps to prevent the eyes from dazzling too much from the intense diamond sparkle. Therefore, silver teamed with diamond means a complete combo of gorgeousness, simplicity, sophistication and beauty. Diamond is also known to bring calm, stability and a sense of responsibility to its wearer.

5. Amaze Peers with Amethyst

Whether it’s with the orthodox dew earrings or else, amethyst is a favourite. With its unique mauve colour that looks awesome with silver, amethyst amazes peers and brings forth a fair amount of Wows. Amethyst, besides bringing the wearer a psychic shield, falls within the class of the most popular silver gemstone jewelry of today.

By now, you must have a good idea about which gemstones would look the best with your silver and suit you most. Although all are equally desirable and popular, some stones may be better for you than the rest. So, choose your gemstone carefully and beautify your jewelry box even more!

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