All about the VLSI and its training

The field of computers is a large one and hence there are certain areas that focus on the processing. The process of creation of integrated circuits is known as the very large scale integration. It is done by the combination of the hundreds of transistors. The transistors, in thousands, are all put into a single chip. The process began in the 1970s when there came some complex theories such as those of the semiconductors and other communication technologies.

The device created by this process is a microprocessor. When they were first made, then there were some limited categories of functions which they could function, but these days the chips are much developed. Nowadays the training for this process is provided in many institutes in India too like those of the VLSI training institutes in Bangalore.

But there is a history of the evolution of the process. Firstly there were devices which were made to control the current in the diodes and then they were converted into the triodes. But they were successful eventually after the completion of the Second World War when there was the use of the silicon and Germanium crystals so that they can serve to detect the radar.

This was exactly the when there was an improvisation in the fabrication and theory. And then the invention of the transistors took place in the Bell lab in the year 1947. The small transistors were then developed by making the research more advanced as compared to the previous research.

Many complex problems came in the way of the research just like the size of the circuit just like the size was a major concern then. They indirectly slowed the computer in some way or the other. Then finally after so many hardships, the integrated circuits came into existence, and Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce invented them.

They made all the components taking proper caution, and they made the chip out of a material known as the Monolith which was a semiconductor. Then it was realized that the circuit could also be made smaller and the manufacturer can also be automated.

This was when all the components were packed in a small silicon wafer, and this was known as the small-scale integration. By the passage of time the medium scale Integration (MSI), Large-scale Integration (LSI) and very large scale Integration (VLSI) came into existence.


As there are all the facilities available for a student to get the training of the process of VLSI but before availing the training facilities, one should know the hardships which were faced by the inventors to bring this process into existence. A student must prefer the best VLSI training institute in Bangalore. But before going for that one must know all about the hardships faced, and they were:

·       It was difficult to be successful in the theory which was related to the depth of the optics and opinions of different inventors varied to a huge extent.

·       The designing of the layouts were stricter due to some issues like the lithography.

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