Pros and Cons of Sharing Office Space

Shared office spaces offer individuals an excellent alternative to the traditional workplace. These spaces are leased for daily, weekly, or monthly use. A co-working arrangement offers an opportunity for workers to interact with other people while staying independent. Just like the traditional office setup, there are advantages and disadvantages of working in a shared environment. gives us a glimpse of the pros and cons of co-working in a shared office space.

Pros of Shared Office Space

Find Your Niche. When looking to share office space, look for an environment of people with similar interest as you. If you are an architect, designer, or creative individual, make sure that the space you are looking for is occupied by workers like you. Your similar interests can be a goof conversation starter. Remember with co-working, you will be sharing a common pantry, drinking coffee, and having breaks with these people.

Access to Amenities. Another benefit of a shared office space is that it comes equipped with the same amenities found in a traditional office. This means there is a printer, scanner, or conference rooms. So you can meet with a prospective client in the board room or meeting room. reveals that some shared offices even have administrative assistants who can answer phone calls and ensure the smooth operation of the office.

Increased Motivation. With a shared office space, you will be surrounded by highly motivated people. The motivation pervading in the office can be infectious and have a positive impact on your work as well. In shared offices, people take breaks and leave the office before dawn which could serve as an inspiration to you to have a healthier outlook on your work.

Cons of Shared Office Space

While there are advantages, a shared office approach also has its disadvantages

Disagreements Between Co-Habitants. Although you have the same interest, your co-habitants may not be necessarily working with you. Shared offices can be a great venue for meeting others but can also be a means for getting in the way of others. You may realize that you are sharing an office with someone who makes cold calls all day. There may also be some disagreements in the policies. So if you see this kind of setup as an obstacle more than an advantage, then shared office is not likely the appropriate setup for you.

Cost.  Sharing office spaces is an affordable alternative to long term leasing of an office space. You can rent it for a few days or a week. However, if you are working on a budget and works late at night, it may be costly for you as you will have to pay for the hours you will rent the space at night. This is something you need to ponder on. You may be better off working at home than renting out a space.

Lack of Control.  With shared offices, there are certain rules that you need to follow such as no playing of music through speakers or walking in a kitchen without knowing if it would be clean as you left it. The lack of control in shared offices can easily turn you off and give you second thoughts of pursuing.

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