Effective Ways to Write Guest Post for SEO

We all know about the effectiveness of a guest blog post and we also know the value of that link you can get from guest post for your website. According to all major search engines, guest post is the most secure and safe way to get backlinks for your website or blog. So, for all segment of digital marketing, guest blog posting services are always in high demand to enhance website ranking in SERP list.

You are running an online business with a website and you are asking one of your competitors to promote your site on his business blog page. Isn’t it sounds ridiculous? But the fact is, it’s not only you who get benefited with that deal, the website admin who is going to publish your article will also get benefited. But, there are some techniques to convince them for publication. Yes, it is a tough job to do but here in this article I’m going to write about some tactics and ways to make your task easy. So, let’s see the matter closely.

Follow the Guidelines

Maximum well-established bloggers mentions their guest blogging guidelines for the writers to follow. You need to read it properly and follow each and every guideline to convince the admin to publish your article. There are some things to follow, like –

  •        Images (including acceptable sources)
  •         Author biography
  •         Number of links you are permitted to include in the post
  •        Word Count
  •         Tone, style

In addition, you may have to show them some of your previous published article or some stellar examples of content which you are going to ask them to publish.

Use Search Engine Friendly Structure

There is some certain structure of guest blog to follow while writing as per Google. You need to follow those guidelines to make your article better and attractive to get posted. Here is the list below to follow the guideline.

  •         Don't use H1 tags except for the post title
  •        Use short, informative and clear paragraphs
  •         Bullet point for clarity when applicable
  •         Number your how-to instructions in the post

Focus of Article

When you are writing, there should be some keywords you are targeting to rank. Your main focus should be to include those keywords naturally in your article. There are some specific places where you can put them tactfully to optimize them properly in your article. Those areas are –

  •         Post Title
  •         First Paragraph
  •         Body Copy (a couple of times)
  •        Meta description

Add Referral links

You can’t reach out all of your points in your 500-600 words article, but you have to show the proper guide to your visitors to make them comfortable with reading. That’s why you need to add some appropriate referral links to show them what they are actually looking for. It will cost some extra research work but you can make your visitors stay in your post by this.

Include Images

An article with various pictures is more effective than without picture from visitor’s perspective. If you include images to your post, your readers will visualize your write-up through those images. That’s the main reason behind bloggers are always design their article with comprehensive images.

It’s so importance to follow these points while writing article for guest blog post. If you are a professional writer and want to promote your writ-ups through guest blogging then just try to follow those valuable points to make it happen quickly.

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