A Step by Step Indie Authors Guide to attract Media Attention

Getting the media attention for your business and products can be the best thing that you can do for your business. However, not everyone manages to do that and that is why we have come up with the step by step guide that will help the business owners and marketing strategists to attract the media. Let’s find out how you can construct and implement an attention worthy campaign.

Find potential media contacts:

This is the first step that business owners and strategists need to perform even before designing the marketing strategy. You have to make the list of the media contacts that you will use as a platform to convey your message to the public. You can find the emails from the websites and the online databases.

Create a press kit:

Once you have the list of the media contacts that you are going to interact with you can now create a press kit for a successful publicity campaign. This tool will allow you to share the information with the journalists, bloggers, editors and retailers quickly and efficiently. In this press kit you can include interesting bios, professional headshots, contact information, sample of Q&A, list of interview topics, book cover images in high resolution, sell sheet, editorial reviews and other endorsements. You don’t have to elaborate the design much as the journalists will judge your words rather your skills of creating a beautiful web page. You have to keep media as audience in mind while crafting the press kit.

Write an effective press release:

Next thing that you have to do is to create a press release for your book launch. Make sure that you are keeping the press release news worthy and formal. You have to keep your targeted audience in mind and that you are focused on what journalists are looking for. The press release should not be more then on page lengthy and you have to start with the biggest news first. The headline will also help you to gain the attention of the journalists and to force them to read your press release.

Write a Pitch Email Tailored to the Individual You’re Targeting:

Now you have your press release ready but you cannot send it to the journalists as it is. To make the most out of your effort, you have to craft a pitch specifically for the journalists so that it can grab their attention. A generic pitch will not help in this case and you have to come up with the unique information that might set your pitch and book apart from the rest.

Send only one follow up:

According to NewswireNEXT (https://newswirenext.com/) most media contacts don’t have the time to read your pitch and emails over and over again. That is why it is advised not to fill their email box with the spams. However, you can follow them up once if required. We always advise people to establish good relations with the journalists and sending them the same generic email over and over again will certainly don’t help. In case the journalist promotes your pitch in the media then it is advised to send a thank you not or gift to build or maintain the relationship.

If anyway you’ve made up your mind to sending a set of follow-ups, you’d better try to do this with a special tool, drip campaign. This is an instrument which lets professionals get rid of manual work: you need to compose a sequence of emails, set triggers and delays between them and start the campaign sending.

If you need to send follow-ups to people who live in different time zones, that’s not a problem at all. For this purpose, you can schedule the drip emails and every person will get the necessary follow-up at the time you set.

These are some of the basic steps that you can follow in order to attract media. You can also share your idea with us that cab help the authors to gain the media attention for their book release.

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