Planning a holiday at Mumbai, city of dreams? Know more about it

The city Mumbai, known as Bombay until 1995, is an awesome port city, arranged on the west shoreline of the Indian landmass. It is one of India's overwhelming urban focuses and, in reality, is one of the biggest and most thickly populated urban areas on the planet. Getting its name from Mumba Devi, a goddess of the nearby Koli angling people groups, Mumbai grew up around a post set up by the British in the mid-seventeenth century to ensure their exchanging advantages along India's western drift. The city's brilliant normal harbour gave a point of convergence to ocean courses crossing the Arabian Sea, and Mumbai soon turned into the principle western passage to Britain's extending Indian domain. 

The city developed as a focal point of assembling and industry amid the eighteenth century. Today, Mumbai is India's business and money related capital, and in addition the capital city of Maharashtra State.  No wonder why Mumbai is known as the city of dreams. It has fulfilled the dreams of several people who have got into the city for making their dreams come true. There is no place like Mumbai which would give an individual all pleasure pertaining to career, amusement and settling your life. The same way Mumbai works as an amazing vacation place. If you are not planning any international trip, then that’s it, Mumbai is your place! There is no place like Mumbai where you can spend your amazing vacation in. Mumbai is the place that would suffice half of the international trips that you are planning for. There are some of the wonderful trekking places in Mumbai that will blow your mind already. Apart from that, the city has got some amazing hill stations in the outskirts that is equally beautiful compared to your international beauties. Mumbai is a good investment if you are planning for a vacation here.

Best trekking places in Mumbai

Here are few of the best trekking places in Mumbai that is a must visit if you are visiting the city.
  • Mahuli fort is one of the famous forts that is located on the western side of the Shyadri hills. This place is always covered with clouds and mist giving a winter-ish feeling to the travellers. It has got huge cliffs and they are covered with trees and thick canopies. Apart from that the place is considered to be good for the trekkers. The place is frequently visited by the tourists and other people in around the city throughout the year.
  • Tubgareshwaris also considered to be an apt place for the trekkers as this place consists of dried waterfall and the place is covered with thick green and lush trees and grasses everywhere. The place is loved by the tourists because of the quietness that it provides and at the same time, the cool and gentle breeze that blows here is quite a likeness amongst the travellers who have to travel all day long.
  • Karnala Fort is a beautiful place that is located in Mumbai. This place is famous for the forts that is located here amidst the lush green trees and amidst the forest area. It is an apt place for the trekkers. The trekkers love the place for the breath-taking view that it provides from the top.

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