Hotels to Consider While Visiting Toronto, Tokyo and Vancouver on a Budget

If you love travelling and don’t have millions of dollars in your bank account to splurge then you know how important it is to stick to a healthy budget. Now, this doesn’t mean that you become a total miser and spoil the entire trip; however, it does mean that you need to be smarter with your money. Calculate the cost of your trip and don’t forget to include the price of a good hotel in it.  

A good hotel costs a lot, however, isn’t the price justifiable if it improves your stay and makes you more comfortable in a foreign city? In our opinion, a good hotel is one of the few things you should rarely compromise on; thus, when planning a trip abroad, it is smart to keep a good chunk to rent a good hotel room. Here are the lists of the best hotels in three cities, along with how much each costs for a night:

Best Hotels in Toronto
The best hotels in Toronto that cost less than $200:
1.       The Drake Hotel, $170
2.       Hotel Thompson, $186
3.       Gladstone Hotel, $176
4.       The Grand Hotel & Suites, $154

The best hotels in Toronto that cost $200 or more:
1.       The Hazelton Hotel, $304
2.       SoHo Metropolitan Hotel, $227
3.       Le Germain Hotel, $201
4.       Shangri-La Hotel, $296
5.       The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, $405

Best Hotels in Tokyo
The best hotels in Tokyo that cost less than $200:

1.       Guesthouse Hanare $100
2.       Hostel Nui $20
3.       Hotel Claska $142

The best hotels in Tokyo that cost $200 or more:
1.       Hotel Hoshinoya, $928
2.       The Westin Hotel $303
3.       The Ritz-Carlton Hotel $559
4.       Hotel Park Hyatt $583
5.       Hotel The Penninsula $542
6.       Capitol Hotel Tokyo $385
7.       The Andaz Toranomon Hills Hotel $380

Best Hotels in Vancouver
The best hotels in Vancouver that cost less than $200:
1.       Wedgewood Hotel & Spa $180
2.       St. Regis Hotel $147
3.       Hotel Le Soleil $143
4.       The Listel Hotel $119

The best hotels in Vancouver that cost $200 or more:
1.       Rosewood Hotel Georgia $233
2.       Hotel Loden $217
3.       Four Seasons Hotel $226

Check out our website to learn more about each of these hotels and decide where you want to stay on your next vacation, depending on your budget. It’ll save you a lot of time and effort that you might have to spend searching the web for hotel reviews. Also, if you haven’t set a budget or planned a trip yet, then these prices will help you plan out a budget, so you can start saving for your trip. If you want to travel to some other destination, aside from Toronto, Tokyo or Vancouver then you can find out more about the best hotels in various cities from our website. We have listed down many great hotels, along with the customer recommendations and reviews to help you narrow down the choices.

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