10 Reasons WordPressSites Rank Better

WordPress have started its journey in 2003.It was considered as the best content management system globally. Websites of many big brands has been managed by it. Those brands also include NASA. When it comes to market share, WordPress have 60% market share for CMS of websites. WordPress is the complete package for the Search Engine Optimization management. This is the reason that websites managed by WordPress system are ranked well than other websites. Following are the 10 reasons, which describe why WordPress sites rank better than others do.

1. Open Source CMS System

WordPress is an open source system. Any of the top developer from the world can use WordPress to develop a plugin and can suggest changes if he feels so. You can get built-in functions from WordPress if you want to add a certain feature in your website. It gives you the opportunity to stay on high rank in the search engines. It uses all Google-recommended solutions for high ranking.

2. Search Engine Optimization: On Page

It is an outstanding platform for dealing with on-page search engine optimization. SEO has many convoluted factors, which are to be satisfied in order to get high ranking in search engines. These all factors can be satisfied by using Content management system of WordPress.  SEO Checker by Prepostseo is an effective tool of WordPress. It provides you with a flowchart for managing on page Search Engine Optimization.

3. Permalink Settings

Permalink setting is a dashboard in WordPress.  It helps to make the URL structure of your website according to SEO for high ranking.

4. Titles and Metas: Yoast Feature

Headings in the content can be maintained by using the Title and Meta feature of Yoast.  Headings and titles are among the foremost requirement of Search Engine Optimization. This feature helps you to handle many factors of SEO like title template, Meta description, Meta robots and format of the content.

5. Rich Text Editor Tool for Content

You can use this tool to optimize content of your website according to the SEO requirements for getting higher ranks in search engines. It helps you to underline, bold and edit words. Moreover, you can create hyperlinks as well. Other features include adding galleries, embedding Facebook, and other social Medias. You can also add HD videos without ads.

6. Website Loading Speed

Google Algorithm checks the website speed, which it takes during loading on the server. Google rank the website according to speed of loading also. WordPress has a plug-in for this purpose. It is called accelerated mobile pages.

7. SEO Friendly Themes

Numerous themes are available for every kind of website like business, shopping or e-commerce. These themes are user friendly and built according to the requirements of SEO.

8. Jetpack and SumoMe

Social media marketing is very important to get high ranks in the search engine. For this reason, WordPress provides tools like Jetpack and SumoMe for sharing on social media.

9. WordPress customer support

In case of any problem related website or advice, you can always contact their support forum. They are readily available to provide you the solution of your problem.

10. Coding structure

The WordPress coding structure is according to the requirements of Google. New and advanced features are added day by day to improve the overall structure of the code.

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